CA Winery Log

Thanks to Twitter, I saw a post by Visit California that there are more than 4,000 wineries in California. I thoroughly enjoy wine tasting. It is always a great time with wonderful people. I thought I would start a log of wineries I have had the pleasure of visiting and link posts I have created based on those visits. Visiting where the wine is made takes tasting their wine to a whole other level. Please visit the other posts for more information! The list is in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Viansa in Sonoma, California – November 2016

CURRENT TALLY: 93 California Wineries

Anaba Winery – Sonoma International Film Festival 2017
Andretti Winery
Artesa Winery
Big Basin Vineyard
Black Stallion Winery – Napa 5-29-11
BoaVentura – Wine Log 2014
Brian Arden Wines
Calmere Winery (Formerly Liana Estates)
Caymus Vineyards
Cerruti Cellars
Charles Krug
Chateau Boswell
Chateau Montelena
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Christopher Creek
Cinnabar Vineyard
Clif Family Winery

Cline Cellars
Clos Pegase
Darioush Winery – Napa 5-29-11
David Bruce
Delectus Winery
Domaine Carneros
Domaine Chandon
Duckhorn Vineyards
Ektimo Vineyards – Wine Tasting July 2017 – Sebastopol, CA
El Sol Vineyard – Wine Log 2014
Field Recordings
Fog Crest Vineyard – Wine Tasting July 2017 – Sebastopol, CA
Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Freemark Abbey
Garre Winery
Ghost Block Winery
Gloria Ferrar
Grgich Hills

July 2018 via the Wine Train
Book with me!

Hagafen Cellars – Napa 5-29-11
Iron Horse
John Evans
Luna Vineyards
MacPhail – Wine Log 2015 Q1, Wine Tasting July 2017 – Sebastopol, CA
Madrigal Family Winery
Marimar Estate – Wine Log 2015 Q1
Mario Andretti Winery – Napa 5-29-11
Mountain Winery
Murrieta’s Well
Nicholson Ranch
Opus One
Pacific Star Winery
Pangloss Cellars
Paradise Ridge Winery
Raymond Vineyards – Wine Log 2015 Q3 & Q4
Robert Mondavi
Rodrigue Molyneaux – East Bay Bites – November 2020
Rock Wall Winery – Wine Log 2015 Q1
Ruby Hill Winery – Wine Log 2014
Savannah Chanelle Vineyard
Schug Winery – Sonoma International Film Festival 2017
Sequoia Grove Winery
Solitary Cellars
Stags Leap
Sterling Vineyards
Steven Kent
Storybook Mountain Vineyards
Sunce Wineary & Vineyard – Wine Log 2014Wine Log 2015 Q2
Tedeschi Family Winery
Three Sticks
Trentadue Winery
Tres Sabores
Trefethen Family Vineyards
Viansa – Sonoma International Film Festival 2017
V. Sattui
Whitehall Lane

Which ones have you been to?
What are your top 3?

If you’re a winery, please let me know if you’d like to be on my list of places to visit next and add to my blog. Contact me HERE.

Tedeschi Family Winery – Calistoga, CA

Wine tasting is best when you can relax, take your time with your tasting and enjoy the scenery. Tedeschi Family Winery provided that for my girlfriends and I this past weekend.

Tedeschi was our last winery appointment of the weekend and I just wanted to relax. The last winery had us stand and the wedges I was wearing after the morning’s workout was not a good idea.

It’s a smaller area with an almost hidden entrance. There’s a private parking lot and a lot of plants waiting to placed into the ground. We were the only guests there. We called the number on the sign and our hostess, Ashley, came out to meet us.

We were able to pick to sit wherever we wanted. The wooden lawn chairs closest to the vines but still catching some shade from the naked tree branches was perfect. It was starting to get a little warmer mid-afternoon.

We opted in to do the flight which started out with the red wines versus the white as most wineries do. Ashley said that that is how they test wines weekly in their meetings, so why not on their tasting menu?

Out of the wines we tasted, I was shocked to enjoy the Merlot the best. It was mellow and probably just perfect to end the weekend.

If you’re looking to switch up your itinerary with a winery that you don’t typically find on big chain restaurants’ wine list, try Tedeschi.

Let me help you plan your wine country itinerary!

April Challenges

Happy April!!! We have survived the first quarter of 2021.

So this is happening.

My 8-week 1Up Nutrition fitness challenge was a bust but I’m signing up for the next one. It starts on May 5th. I think I’ll do much better now that I am vaccinated and back to the gym. Oh, how I have missed it!

Just in April, I am committing to do the below:

1) 150 squats per day
I haven’t met Miss @Jashaby_fit. We connected via the fitness challenge group and on Instagram. She’s made some awesome progress. She tagged me in the below graphic to do 150 squats per day. No real rules, just to keep moving. If I do mine throughout the day, it’s not so bad. I have a couple of friends joining me too, then there’s others that think I’m crazy.

2) Walk 40 miles. This is put on by the American Cancer Society but I am asking people to support my efforts in a few ways. They can definitely donate to the ACS, orrrrr, to my roommate’s fundraising link. She has to walk 120 miles for Susan G Koman in November over six days. One event in San Diego, the other in Dallas. Let’s beat breast cancer! I will share my log of miles covered below.

ORRRR you can shop her Stella & Dot referral link til the 21st at I am donating a % of sales to her $4600 fundraising goal. Some items are supporting Autism Awareness month where 20% goes to the Hollyrod Foundation. Plus, Stella & Dot is rounding up your purchase total and donating it to their non-profit partners. It’s win-win-win!

Please join me in this if you can! My friend, Christy, is aiming to do 200 squats per day. Lana will most likely do hip thrusts instead. “A better booty builder,” she says! Just get out and there, move and do something good for yourself!

How are you challenging yourself this month?



4/1 – Going to the gym. I’m counting elliptical miles.

Little Loves Time in Mill Valley, CA

After an early morning in-person meeting and an off-site quick meeting with the county, I am glad I invited out my dear friend and my Little Loves to come meet me in the North Bay. We took a walk around Bayfront Park and we enjoyed being outdoors. It has definitely changed a bit since I was there last.

We had a delicious lunch from Sol Food. Sitting at the picnic table, we discovered that the kids love the chuletas fritas and pique! I love sharing the good things in life with the people I care about. They really enjoyed it. Pick up some delicious food from the Mill Valley or San Rafael location.

The walk and playing in the playground in the amazing weather worked up an appetite for some dessert. If there was a mini golf spot nearby, we would have gone there to keep their activity level high but unfortunately the area was lacking. We went to Swirl.

We ordered two cookies n cream ice cream cups with crushed cookie toppings, a Hawaiian sorbet with fruit and cake batter froyo with strawberries and crushed cookies.

The kids’ ice cream had the perfect amount of sweetness. The sorbet tasted like Air Heads candy and the cake batter was crazy sweet. Not our favorite dessert experience but it put smiles on our faces. It was nice to try something new.

After a long week with more work to do this weekend, it was a nice for this One Busy Bee to be a little social.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 6

Work has not slowed down and this was another busy and stressful week. My body skipped my period and I have a couple of new stress hives. I really need to get a handle on this stress. I do not want another stress episode to occur like back in November. It was not fun. I hope going back to the gym and blocking off time to NOT work will help. So, here’s Week 6 of the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge.


Mondays are usually my busiest days. I thankfully didn’t have to be on-site at 8 AM but I did have to download a new Sales Rep and supervise on-site in Pleasanton. My responsibilities continue to evolve.

Breakfast consisted of overnight oats. A snack was a hard boiled egg and I made red chard two different ways, plus a potato Baloni. Delicious. Total calories: 1,001

No workout. I was tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before.


My Pandemic Partner loves pastries. He especially likes the pastries from Frog Hollow Farms. Lately, I have been telling him to not get me a blueberry pastry. I think this week he forgot and I consumed it. It’s pretty tasty. Lunch was an orange, snacks were Banana plantain chips and I made chicken tacos with chicken marinated in Sol Food‘s Pique. Oh, that stuff is sooo good! Total calories: 1122

Workouts were on FitOn where the Cardio Sculpt Pilates with Cassey Ho were pretty tough on the legs. Incredible arms with Breann was good too.

Work had me checking out a build in progress. Let me know if you need a patio cover or sunroom!


Another long day meant too tired to workout. Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy, Sconehenge English Muffin, a 1Up Nutrition protein ball on the road, Nick the Greek gyro bowl over rice and just a hardboiled egg for dinner. Total calories: 1,083.

No workout. It was a long day.


Annoying day. I had to leave the house in a rush so I couldn’t eat at the house. I had to stop for something quick and went to a McDonald’s and had an Egg McMuffin, hash brown and orange juice. This particular San Carlos location didn’t have their stuff in order. I was handed a soda instead and I pulled away with paying for an extra hash brown but didn’t get it. I thought about going back to get it but I guess I didn’t need the extra calories and I had to get to a meeting. FINE! Oh, that damn stress.

The site visit was unique with needs for two sunroom on two different levels. Thankfully I had my boss on-site as well but this was a unique project I’ll have to manage. Late in returning back to the house, I still haven’t had lunch. At 3PM, I thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes and Nutella my Pandemic Partner made. They are so good! Later that evening, we had avocado toast. Total calories: 1,273.

Can you guess? I didn’t work out. I was too tired.


On Friday mornings, I have the house to myself. I decided to workout for a little over an hour. I had an orange, cheese and crackers, shrimp, and my favorite, shrimp pasta in a white wine, lemon and garlic sauce. PP doesn’t like too much sauce so he made it without the slurpy mess. But oh, it was good! I made a cucumber salad as well.

I earned the pasta because I then did another 50-minute workout in the evening.


I had the remaining cucumber salad from the night before for breakfast. Lunch was leftover shrimp pasta. I made another cucumber salad for dinner, plus a protein ball. Total calories: 1,126.

I re-started my membership at 24 Hour Fitness. I should be fully vaccinated soon and I will feel better about going to the gym. I opted in for the national membership so I can go to any facility. I hope to make it to Hawaii later this year.

With the membership, I had access to videos on the Go24 app. I have seen ads for Les Mills and I played one. Of course it was a little blonde European girl leading. The sound was a bit off and it didn’t really motivate you. They showed you what to do but not talk about your form and reminders to pull your belly button in and so forth. I wasn’t a fan. I ended up just doing my own thing if I didn’t like what they were doing. I then followed that video with a FitOn with Bree, Quick Arms. I think I was also still tired from the four workout videos from yesterday.


The usual Sunday started with a trip to the farmers market. We started the day pretty late so we were already hungry when we arrived at the market. One of us mentioned tapas and we agreed to go to Teleferic Barcelona. With a reservation on OpenTable, I’ll take 100 points. This was the second time we dined here during the pandemic and it is delicious! And filling. It was also Pi Day, so PP bought himself a cherry pie. I’m not a fan so it was all his!

I worked out with two FitOn videos while the cauliflower and onions roasted in the oven. I also made another batch of protein balls. It was a tasty day.

Onto week 7.

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 5

It has been a challenging challenge. Continuing to feel defeated, tired and stressed out with work, it is definitely not helping. I clocked in 40+ for one of my part time jobs. I’m One Busy Bee, indeed. I am continuing to log my food and working out but this was a bad week. I just have to remember that I am trying to do something good for myself and not compare my progress (or lack of) to other people’s fitness journeys. So, here’s Week 5 of the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge.


Monday was a full day out traveling the Bay Area for work. Breakfast was the best English Muffins by Sconehenge out of Berkeley, California. We pick these up at Whole Foods. Lunch was at Lazy Dog in Newark, California. It has been awhile since I’ve been and they had a few things for me for Meatless Monday. I opted in for their grilled cheese and cucumbers salad. It was heavy but oh so tasty. An afternoon snack was a smoothie. Dinner was roasted cauliflower. Total calories: 1,891

Workouts were thru FitOn with the Total Body Meltdown and the Back Blaster.


This was our day this week to San Francisco to pick up Tartine bread, get dumplings from Dumpling Time and of course some yumminess from The Butcher Shop. Dinner was pancakes with Nutella and strawberries from the farmers market. Be sure to get the organic ones! They taste sooo much better! Here are additional reasons to go organic. The day’s total calories – 1,097

I honestly can’t remember what I did for a workout that day but I was on the mat doing something! That should count, right?


With having to a site visit in Danville, I headed back to the house for weigh-in and a breakfast 1Up Nutrition protein shake with strawberries and a slice of Tartine toast. Lunch was another 1Up Nutrition protein shake before heading out to a meeting. Dinner was a lox sandwich with egg bagels from Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels and taste of the 2021 Dark Ray from Firestone Walker. Like the protein shake, it tastes better strawberries. Total calories – 1,014.

Thanks to Izzy’s for re-sharing my picture on Instagram!

I don’t think I worked out that day.


Thursday was quite carb filled with another lox sandwich with an Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagel bagel, a potato Bolani for lunch, with a his and her salad, homemade dressing and garlic bread made by my Pandemic Partner. Calories – 1,132

Workouts were with FitOn with Lower Body Blaster with Danielle and Super Sculpted Abs with Katie. It felt good.


I may been logging into MyFitnessPal for 50 days straight but this Friday was busy and after a long week of work, I was ready for this week to end. I didn’t even have breakfast. I had cheese and crackers for lunch and allowed myself to do something other than work to make a lot of chimichurri. We had grilled pork chops from The Butcher Shop and I was excited for a good meal. I also got another taste of a Firestone Walker beer, the 2021 Parabola. Tasty! Calories – 1,018

Friday is movie night but I worked straight through it til 11:30 PM, plus dealing with a work emergency. Good times.


Saturday was productive. I had the house to myself for the most of the day and got my taxes filed and updated my budgets. Breakfast was eggs and toast. Lunch was a salad and dinner was a hard boiled egg, cheese and crackers, a Sconehenge English Muffin and a cup of 1Up Nutrition protein and water. I also made some protein balls with honey from the farmers market. Calories – 1,000

Again, I opted out of a workout and stayed in and watched Coming 2 America. I have to say that Eddie Murphy did a great job. Sequels are usually never good and Coming to America would be hard to top. But it was done. If laughing as hard as I did counted as an ab workout, that would be awesome!


Breakfast was an OK crab omelette from Joanie’s on California Ave at the farmers market. It’s the second brunch in a row where my food was not served hot. Thankfully the coffee was. A snack was just a protein ball. Dinner was spaghetti with basil pesto from Bolani Foods and bacon and beer sausage from The Butcher Shop. Delicious! Calories – 1,000

My workout for the day was cleaning the house. Two hours of work and MyFitnessPal only says I burned 288 calories. But damn, does that vent look clean!

Onto Week 6.

Below Deck – Season 2

Less than a week from the Season 1 post going live, I am done with Season 2. This season mostly has a new crew, new boat and new adventures. As stated, this Travel Agent gets seasick and can no way be a yachty. Most of the crew states this is their way to travel. I am just following for the fun and views.

Pic from


The crew has a new boat, the Ohana, which means family in Hawaiian. The boat is beautiful after the crew had to bust their bum to get it in tip top shape. It’s amazing how much space is on there. But as we know from the penny stock trader, the satellite internet was terrible. This One Busy Bee would probably be working on the yacht as well. I can’t stop.


Captain Lee was in the Captain’s chair once again but seemed a bit warmer this time around. I think having Eddie as Bosun versus Aleks made him feel more confident and at ease. Good staff is hard to find!


From Season 1, Eddie, Kat, Chef Ben and of course Captain returned for another season. I have seen Kate Chastain’s name from other shows I have watched on Bravo but this was my first impression. She can get the job done. But it’s no secret she’s got a major RBF (resting bitch face) situation. A guest even called her out on it, which earned him a surprise on his bed. I would prefer to work under Kate than last season’s Chief Stew, Adrienne. The show showed Kate actually picking up a rag and working just as hard as her Stews were.

I really liked the other Stew, Amy. She’s from Texas, bubbly, always had a smile on her face, etc. Kat really toned down the partying and being annoying from the previous season. No accents or whining like a child. She states that after watching herself, she decided that that was not how she wanted to behave. And she got in shape. Good for her!

Eddie’s deck crew consisted of Andrew, Kelley, Jennice and Logan. Andrew didn’t stay the whole season due to his lack of experience. He was then replaced with Oklahoma boy, Logan. Kelley had a great bod and pursued, won and released Jennice. Kudos to Jennice for handling her role as the only female deck crew member and staying classy through the reunion. Good job!

The engineering crew made no appearance in this season.


This season had a repeat charter guest from Season 1, another charter guest came twice in one season and there was a lot going on. The repeat charter guest unfortunately brought Adrienne aboard from Season 1. That was unnecessary drama of her prancing around in a bathing suit enjoying being waited on by her former staff. If that is going to be a common cameo in the upcoming seasons, I hope they wouldn’t.

The rugby team was quick and easy. The penny stock trader unnecessarily flashed money come tip giving time. And a group asked for more service, almost asking to be waited at every moment. I am surprised they didn’t ask to be fed with a silver spoon or burped. Oh, people with too much money.


Again, the location wasn’t highlighted with points of interest. The guests had one beach day but that’s about it. I have to remember this is not a travel-focused show.


As a foodie and owner of WereHungryToo on Instagram, I would eat anything Chef Ben puts out. Everything looked delicious. Sadly, the 19-year-old girlfriend of a the penny stock trader liked very simple food. She asked for quesadillas, made a face when presented with oyster and scraped off caviar. But hey, she’s affordable.


If you’re considering getting into yachting, the rugby crew were onboard for one night and the Ohana crew earned about $500 each for a tip, on top of their salary. Not bad.

I am about to start Season 3 and have no idea what’s in store.

Other posts:
Below Deck – Season 1

#1UpTransformationChallenge – Week 4

Another week in, another week to start. Week 4 of this challenge and again, no crazy changes. I feel stronger and weight is going up but BF % is the same. Bring on the muscle but need to get rid of this extra fat. I am using the 1Up Nutrition protein and BCAAs but burners haven’t been good for me. My heartrate increases and I feel a bit out of control. I don’t like it so I won’t continue with those supplements. I will just try to eat better and continue with my workouts. I need to increase my cardio so you’ll see what I added back in this week.


It was a busy day driving around and working til sunset. I got home and worked out with an Easy Seated Yoga sesh with Vytas on FitOn, plus some ab moves. My roommate reminded me that the body needs to rest. We ended up watching Palmer with Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright while I painted my toenails. They came out terribly. I need a pedicure so bad.

Besides treating myself to a movie, I was treated with a surprise One Busy Bee mask by Lea’s Ideas. It was a thank you gift for the donation for my nephew back when I encouraged him to do 20 pushups.

Food tracking was off so no calorie count to report.


This was my weigh-in day. As mentioned, I’m not making progress as much as I’d like. I had intentions of going to the market after work last night but left my wallet at home. I had nothing really to eat in the house besides eggs and Spam. High in sodium, I know, but I didn’t have anything else to eat.

Another site visit and headed back to Menlo Park. Three FitOn videos incorporating more cardio with Tabata Strong, Agility Blitz and Core Barre.

Post-workout was some 1Up protein in water and homemade chicken tacos. Calorie count for the day: 1,256.


Eating lighter with a total of 982 calories, I had a hard boiled egg for breakfast, an orange, cheese, crackers and soppresata and some white rice for dinner with dried mango for snacks.

To switch up the workouts a bit, I invited my roommate to come rollerblade with me after she got off work. She’s sooo much better at it than I am. It has been a couple of months since her spill down the hill but that was her ONLY fall. Thankfully I didn’t fall this time around but it was good to get out there. We didn’t skate as long as she has a bit of a back injury so we just skated for about half an hour. Looking to do a bit more, I did an abs video with Kenta on FitOn when I got back to the house.


Haven’t had Tartine in awhile, my Pandemic Partner is doing a fine job of putting a whole loaf of bread away himself. He loves his carbs! But don’t we all? I had a slice of toast that morning with some butter. It was delicious. Lunch was Armadillo Willy’s with their BBQ chicken breast, and yes, the tator tots. Oh man, so good. Diner was a salad while he had a whole pizza from Delfina. I did have a bit of the pizza because the Diavola pizza is so damn good. My calorie count for the day was 1,200.

Instead of FitOn, I took a walk and enjoyed the sunshine. While I was out, I did go to Dick’s Sporting Goods looking for weights. They were out of the ones I needed but I did get some ankle weights to make some core moves more challenging. I also bought new socks as I actually went rollerblading without socks on because the skates were too small and my socks were too thick. Annnd, I also bought some yoga mat cleaning spray. It was time to clean our yoga mats.

I made another stop at Target as I recalled seeing some hand weights were stocked. There were some 10s so I threw those in the card. We only have 5s and 15s at PP’s house and when he’s using the 15s, I have to use the 5s. I can lift heavier than that so these were mainly for me. Let’s hope they make a difference.


Friday was for breaking in the new weights! We did The Gun Show with Kenta, Quick Arms with Bree and Hard Core with Caroline on FitOn. It was good! I did a little extra moves with the ankle weights and kept them on while cooking to add something to each step. Let’s hope it helps make a difference!

Breakfast was 1Up protein pancakes and dinner was halibut, broccoli and white rice. I did have rose wine by Conundrum and it made me fall asleep during The Dig. Saturday morning came with a headache as well. This pandemic has definitely changed this girl’s tolerance. I used to co-own a bar for goodness sake! Drinking also makes you make bad decisions. I didn’t need those extra cheese and crackers but I had some and they were tasty! The last time I drank was two weeks ago in Napa. Let’s see if I can hold out three weeks before my next drink. I think I can as I don’t like the way it makes me feel afterwards. Such a shame. Total calorie count: 1,541


Pancakes again, this time by PP and no protein powder. He doesn’t like the way it tastes. He makes good pancakes. Lunch was a bite or two of leftover salad. And dinner was halibut leftovers. Total calories: 2,007

And the last pic was at the Old Forester distillery. I was in Louisville, Kentucky for six weeks this time last year. It was my Sober Saturday picture and when I wasn’t such a lightweight!


I actually took a rest day on Sunday. After the farmers market, I walked while waiting for PP to make it back to the car. Seventy-one calories down is better than none! For brunch, we walked a bit more to a cafe that is known for their sandwiches. I should’ve gotten a sandwich but I wanted eggs. The smoked salmon scramble would have been better if it were warm. Lunch was an orange and I had made dinner reservations for my Cugino and I at Timber & Salt in downtown Redwood City. It was the nicest plated meal I have had since my birthday in September. Total calories: 1,096.

Now onto Week 5!

Below Deck – Season 1

Having watched a few episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean and a way to get some travel education while we cannot travel right now, I decided to start the original Below Deck series with season 1. As someone who gets seasick, I know I could never be one of these yachties. This season takes place in the Caribbean in 2013 on the yacht Honor worth $20 million.

I haven’t been to the region in quite a few years but hope to get back soon, maybe on a Disney Cruise Line. I have recently booked a repeat customer for a 10-day cruise on Celebrity Cruises for August 2021. I am excited for this family to enjoy the Caribbean, preferably less stressful than this young cast.

Though it’s been several years since it has first aired, here are my thoughts on the season 1.

The Boat

Before my years at a real estate law firm, I interviewed with a San Francisco law firm with superyachts. This would have been my closest experience to being on a yacht or working with one. It would have been great to experience a yacht like The Honor even while docked. It looks amazing. Of course the living area for the guests is gorgeous and spacious, but the quarters for the staff are tight and confined. My first cruise was on the Celebrity Reflection for 14 days in the Mediterranean. It was an inside cabin with two twin beds. I’m sure the guests’ smallest room is way bigger than the staffs’ cabin below deck.


Captain Lee seems like a hard ass. His brief appearance on the reunion episode clearly shows that he wasn’t adored or missed since the end of the season. It’s tough being the boss and being in charge of a mobile $20 million yacht plus all those on board. With the amount of pressure, I would probably be a bit high-strung as well. In comparison to Captain Sandy on Below Deck Med, I think she was able to connect a bit better with the crew. It makes all the difference.


There are a lot of issues that come up, otherwise this wouldn’t have a show, right? Not to focus on romantic relationships on board, other topics for discussion include drinking and boss-employee relationships.

Drinking on the job is a big no-no for me…unless you work for the entertainment and restaurant world like I have. A lot of these reality shows provide a lot of liquor to get cast members intoxicated in front of the camera to entertain viewers like us. Kat, a Stewardess, got plenty drunk off charter. And let’s be real, on charter as well. Most of us have had a bit too much too drink at one point in time. During the reunion show, it is nice to see that Kat has reflected on her experience and is making healthier decisions for herself. Good for her! I wish anyone on the same path a lot of success.

The power struggle between Adrienne, the Chief Stew, and Sam, the other Stewardess is frustrating. As much as I love Sam’s name, the lack of respect and constant smirk would get under my skin as well. Clearly, customer service is not for Sam. It is challenging when someone like Adrienne needs a good worker but can’t get the results after attempts of finding a solution. I think Adrienne just wanted to do a good job but I do agree she could have lead by example more. Perhaps pick up a rag too, take the time for training and re-training (which they say they didn’t have time to do), etc. I am not sure if it’s the show and timing, but perhaps the show was creating these limitations to prevent things being done correctly and creating these unnecessary struggles.

My favorite crewmember remains to be Chef Ben Robinson. He’s just a cool cat and makes funny comments. I have dealt with many Chefs in my day. There are ones that seems to hate their life and strive to make everyone else around him miserable. Then there are those that are sweet and sane and kind, but like anyone else, has a breaking point.

Side note, one episode did start a craving for pancakes. Thanks, Chef Ben. I have been enjoying 1Up Nutrition protein pancakes once or twice a week now.


I don’t think I can work, eat, party and sleep with the same people for weeks on end. It makes sense why this show makes good television. People are placed in unique living situations and filmed almost every minute. During the pandemic, I am finding that I have become a bit anti-social. I have grown accustomed to my space, the quiet and doing things on my own, when I want or with my favorite person. I think the person I would be able to live with from the show would be Ben. What about you?


Oh, people. They can be absolutely terrible, can’t they? We have all heard about the Karens and the Kens of the world during this pandemic. If you’re rich, poor, middle-class, there are terrible people everywhere. The charter guests are rich. They can spend $200,000 for a week-long charter on the Honor. They get 5-star, customized meals 24-7 and they can treat the crew with very little respect. One charter guest this season sexually harassed the ladies in front of his own female guests. They bring drugs aboard. And they just want the sun and the moon at the snap of their fingers. Working in the service world myself, I feel for this crew. But it is the job you selected so you have to roll with the punches.

One couple did get married on the Honor. As a Wedding Planner/Event Planner, I found this episode fun. I would ask Adrienne to step aside and let me do my thing.


The area was great. Most of the season was shot on board. Below Deck Med showed a lot of the Mediterranean. I was hoping to see more than just the dock and local restaurants. I didn’t learn much about the Caribbean during this season.


Again, well done to Chef Ben. Everything he plated looked delicious. At the end of the season, it stated he was taking an vegan education course. I am sure he has green juice recipes a hundred miles long. I was hoping they would have showcased more local, unique food offerings from the local stalls. Maybe some conch, guava berries or local fish. But, this isn’t the Food Network.


As mentioned, you have to have a lot of money to charter a yacht like the Honor. Unfortunately, I am not in that tax bracket. But wouldn’t it be nice to have? A big part of the show is when the tip from the guests is distributed to the crew. Three-hundred dollars a day on top of your salary is not a bad gig. If you can deal with the sea sickness, the demands, WANT to learn and can respect your superiors, check out how to get casted!

I am about to start Season 2 and I have no idea what I’m in for.

Are you a fan of the show?
Who’s your favorite crew member from this season and why?

#1UPTransformationChallenge – Week 3

Kicking off week 3 of my first 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge in Napa Valley soaking in hot springs and getting a massage. Not bad, right? As mentioned in Week 2‘s write-up, the Galentine’s Weekend was a bit rough. Attempts to not over eat and get in a workout was a must. In Week 3, I had another outing scheduled for my best friend. It was going to be low-key.


Having to leave our cute cottage in Calistoga with treatments the next block over, I had to make sure to get in some kind of workout. With the help of Cassey Ho and FitOn, I got in a pilates workout. I was able to relax in the hot springs tub before and after my massage. I think my body needed this after the work I have been putting in on a daily basis.

A spontaneous stop at the Napa Valley sign called for yoga poses again. It was then time for lunch at Gott’s Roadside and I have to say, their meatless burger for Meatless Monday was delicious. And our last stop was at Caymus. A MUST stop for us. Sooo good if you love wine. Then, more yoga in the mustard greens. Total calories: 1,722


Attempting to redeem myself from a high caloric weekend, I went with cardio FitOn videos that were low impact. My knees were still giving me problems. Our usual stop to San Francisco, Tartine, Dumpling Time and The Butcher Shop included our friend, Walter. It was nice to get him to the city and experience what we do almost on a weekly basis. Total calories: 1,183


Needing to make sure I get a workout in, I did one FitOn workout. Breakfast was a hard boiled egg. Lunch was quinoa and eggs.. Then dinner was roasted cauliflower. Total calories: 1,442


Having a busy day before I picked up my best friend for our little getaway, I didn’t have a chance to do a workout. However, we did play cards. For every game lost, the loser did 50 squats with bands. We each did three sets and Christy was feeling it the next day. It wasn’t much, but it was something. Breakfast was overnight oats and dinner was Sol Food in San Rafael. It is amazing! Total calories: 1,189

Our view during workouts.


Naturally waking up at 7:30 AM and letting Christy sleep a bit, she eventually woke up and worked out with me. I tried the sample of the peanut butter vegan protein by 1Up Nutrition and I have to say, it’s much better than the vanilla protein I did purchase. Next order will be peanut butter.

Eating leftovers for breakfast had us ready for an adrenaline rush with ziplining from tree top to tree top with the Sonoma Canopy Tours in Occidental, California. Yes, yoga poses again. Total calories: 1,190


With checkout at 11 AM, two FitOn videos were done followed by another 1Up Nutrition peanut butter drink. It was Christy’s birthday so she opted to NOT workout. She had to work that evening so being even more sore wouldn’t be a good idea. Lunch was a crab sandwich with delicious pickles for $12 at Cafe Aquatica, then, I had to get the birthday girl some sweets. We made a detour to Santa Rosa and went to Sift Cupcakes. Sooo yum. Total calories: 1,378


After 5 days of adventures, I think the pandemic has turned me into a homebody. I was happy to back home and back to my routine. Sunday, we slept in til 8 AM, went to the farmer’s market, Whole Foods and tried a new restaurant in Redwood City called Kemuri. I had the garlic shrimp bowl and it was full of flavor.

FitOn workouts consisted of cardio with Kenta and an ab workout we haven’t done before with Cassey. It’s nice to switch it up. Dinner was almond flower pancakes with nutella and fresh strawberries from the market this morning. Total calories: 1,334

And next, Week 4.