Seattle, Here We Come!

Looking forward to going to Seattle this weekend for 2.5 days. We’ll be leaving Sunday morning and coming back Tuesday night. I haven’t been to Seattle since my advertising days at Y&R. My first trip up there when I was a teenager was when I was conned by my mother that we were leaving Vancouver, Washington to visit Seattle. She purposely left out the detail that we’ll be attending an all day Christian outing in some hall. That was NOT my idea of fun. (I was raised Catholic!) I’ll be heading up there with Christy and meeting up with our friend that we call Shoe, Dr. Zapata. City Beaches reunite! Now that I think about it, I hired them both at City Beach. The first thing we’ll be doing is heading straight to a bar that’s airing the 49ers v. Seagulls game. I will definitely be sporting my jersey. Love you, Jerry!

We’ll definitely hit up Pike Place and maybe pay the $18 to go up the Space Needle. I remember winding my way thru Pike Place and ended up on a rooftop deck having sushi by myself in the sun. I wonder if I can find that place again. It was so peaceful. One of my clerks recommended that I go to Fremont and go shopping there. I also read online that Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee, are buried up there and there’s a memorial bench for Kurt Cobain. I think we’ll make a stop at the cemetery to check those spots out.

Any recommendations on what to see in Seattle?

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