I Got Stung – Elvis Presley

I have always been a fan of Elvis Presley since my Auntie Annie had every inch of her room covered in Elvis photos and memorabilia. I only caught a few sneak peeks of her room in the family house in San Francisco. I wasn’t even 10-years-old when she gave me her hard cover book of Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley. I read it back then, re-read it a few years later and will probably do so again. I don’t recall if anyone in grade school made fun of me for bringing a book about Elvis to school to read but apparently if they did, I didn’t care enough to remember.

My aunt also gave my sister a whole lot of her clippings she has collected over the years of Elvis. I remember going through them and one stuck out in my mind with a headline that read along the lines of “The Last Photo of The King”. It was a profile shot of him laying in his casket. He passed on August 17, 1977 at only 42-years-old.

My sister also bought a cassette tape of his songs at Kmart and being that we shared a room, what she listened to, I had to listen to. And to this day, I owe it to my sister for exposing me to some great music such as Elvis, along with Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica and even some old school rap (back when rap was good). We also owned a VHS copy and rewatched several times the miniseries based on Priscilla Presley’s book “Elvis and Me”. I loved it. We could quote the movie with no problem. I looked last night for a DVD copy of the film and I can’t find it anywhere. If anyone has it, I would love to have a copy of it.

With all the music on my iPhone and saved on my external hard drive, I was really surprised that I didn’t have more than just “Always on My Mind”

, which is clearly about Priscilla, the only woman he married. I downloaded a Top Ten album which oddly enough had more than ten songs but whatever… I made sure it had as many songs on it that I can remember that was on the cassette tape my sister used to play. For the past week, it has been on repeat and I just can’t get enough of The King. Not only is he super, uber gorgeous, I really do enjoy his music, am intrigued by his life, Priscilla’s strength and how she continues to keep his legacy alive. It is a shame that he had to pass and I was born three years after he passed. If I was of age and he was still performing, I think I’d be as crazy as those girls in videos crying, just trying to touch him.

The closest thing I had to being at a performance was seeing Viva Elvis at the Aria in Las Vegas, Nevada. I remember making my Christmas list in 2008 of what I wanted and tickets to see this show was on it. I didn’t get it but in November of 2010, when DB was umpiring for Thanksgiving weekend, I bought my $80 ticket to see it by myself. I was told to make sure you get one of the goodies at the end of the show… I didn’t. If you go, watch for something that falls from the ceiling.
The Aria

Taking Care of Business, Baby

The show was great but it was not as spectacular at “O”. It was really the closest thing to being at an Elvis show. His voice was as loud and clear as I would ever hear it…

This posting originally started to just post this song, “I Got Stung”. I recently heard it again on the album I just purchased and thought, how appropriate for a Busy B like myself. Give it a listen, it’s a fun song.

One day, I’ll go to Graceland and Tupelo, Mississippi. It’s on my bucket list.

I picked up a hardcover of “Last Train to Memphis” by Peter Guralnick when I was in Los Angeles at the Los Lonely Boys show at the Grammy Museum on March 25, 2011. I read last night on some website that it’s the only biography that Priscilla Presley approves of. I shall continue reading it.

Are you an Elvis fan?

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