Kauai – Day 1

It was tough to go to sleep last night without my pup, and to wake up in the middle of the morning knowing he’s not there. He’s staying with a friend and I’m hoping he’s behaving.

I did some last minute packing, put on my traveling outfit consisting of my 49ers hat and a shirt, then my roommate took me to the airport.  That outfit was the same thing I wore to Miami and folks were lovin’ it. As soon as I got into the security line, an employee asked, “You do know you’re in Raider country right?” “I know but I gotta represent!” After getting scanned, the female agent asked if that was my hat coming out of x-ray. Yes. “Nice.” Women know what’s up! NINERS!

The flight was long and it was rough landing in Miami. Sitting next to a larger than seat man was frustrating with his arm rest takeover, coughing and itching himself. It reminded me of being on tour busses while in Europe. But I landed in Maui and recalled that I haven’t been there since 2006 with my grandparents and cousins. Aww, memories. It was defintiely warm but the scenery is to die for. I ate, did some event planning work and headed to Kauai.

I landed on the Garden Island, got my bag, and it wasn’t long before my cousin greeted me with a beautiful and fragrant lei she made herself. I had nothing planned that day except working a little bit so we went to go grab a drink and some bites on the water at Duke’s. Evan the bartender gave me shit about my Niners gear. But if you’re going to dish it out, you better handle receiving it as well. Oh, Evan.  

Then we did a Cosco run, went to the house, then a Hydration Margarita at Tortilla Republic, checked out the ocean where my cousin-in-law launches their outrigger boats for practice, played with my nephew and had an amazing homemade dinner. My cousins’ neighbors caught a 150-lb Ahi Tuna so we had sashimi and ahi tacos. Everything was delicious and the fish was so fresh!

Then had more work to do for next week’s wedding. And here I am, trying to recap a wonderful day with beautiful and loving people on the island of Kauai while roosters are crowing, the warmth lingers all night and the rain falls.  Tomorrow we will be on a boat ride. 
Good night! Until tomorrow.

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