Thank you for helping me surpass 2,000 Twitter followers. I remember reluctantly joining Twitter. My two Law Clerks were constantly on it.Then I had to see what it was all about and then I became addicted. I have made IRL friends from it and now even work in the Twitter building in San Francisco.It is my preferred social media platform. Thank you for your support!
I just read the below article by AdWeek. As a lover of marketing and advertising, and using Twitter as a way to market myself and this blog to hopefully travel the world and share my true experiences, I can vouch everything I post is real and from real accounts.
When brands spend money on fake accounts, that’s too bad. Iam a better choice, by far! Please review my social media stats HERE, my AboutMe section and contact me about a collaboration. I would love to work with you and do my own research on the product, industry or location. I promise to provide honest feedback and prefer to use original photos by yours truly.
I may not have a Justin Bieber level kind of followings but I am proud of my growth. Wish you could be a part of it.
A special thanks to my ongoing supporters. Thank you foryour Likes, Retweets and of course your friendship (online and/or IRL).

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