Ginger Sushi Lounge – Thira, Santorini, Greece

After almost two weeks of vacation in New York, France and layovers in London and Dublin, Papichulo and I were craving sushi. On our last day in Santorini, we explored more of Fira and Thira and came across the Ginger Sushi Lounge. Their menu looked pretty basic with no special house rolls. They opened in an hourr. We walked away and confirmed along our time of exploring, we definitely wanted sushi regardless of their menu and made it a point to dine there on our way back.

We tried to find a bar or restaurant that served our favorite beer offered on the island, Red Donkey, by the Santorini Beer Company but came up short! Le Moustache Restaurant was fun (see the moustache on the end of the table?) with an infinity pool but they didn’t have the beer either. We did find a ‘bougie’ spot with an infinity pool and offered .75ml size for 32€. We passed.

We saw additional spots with the gorgeous view and made our way to get sushi. We were both pretty excited. 

We were the first customers of the day and we sat at a booth with yellow cushions where the wooden blinds acted as walls. They have a bar inside and more patio seating but majority of seating is outside, offering covered or uncovered seating.

I immediately ordered us the tako appetizer and a bottle of water. Do not drink the tap water in Greece. The thin slices of tako were with a citrus and perhaps a chili oil sauce that I drained into my little soy sauce bowl for use later.

Back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would always share with Papichulo what I was eating via Snapchat ‘bappletree’. He lives in Orlando but travels for work as an In-Flight Attendant. I often get a Poke Bowl at The Market. He pronounces it as poke, like someone pokes you on Facebook (which is weird, btw.) I correct him that it’s ‘pokey’ but he likes to call it poke. Whatever makes you happy. I definitely ordered us the poke tower with a tomato, taro-like chips on top, avocado and a ponzu sauce. Papichulo said it was his favorite dish of the meal. So far, the meal was quite satisfying.

Other guests arrived and they appeared to be Americans.  I wondered if the group of four knew each other beforehand or met on the cruse ship. It reminded me of when Cugino and I went on our cruise in 2012. We made our groups of friends and would meet up at ports. We had our Latino friends from Los Angeles, our Jewish mom and dad, our Mid-West friends, Canadians that own an apple farm and more. Good times.

Back to the food, we had the soft shell roll (spelled ‘cell’ on the menu), the salmon roll and toro. Papichulo has never had soft shell crab or toro. I loved having him try new things and that he’s open to it. I also turned him onto ponzu sauce. I never use soy sauce.

We ate absolutely everything! Every morsel was devoured. The service is always friendly in Greece and one of the coolest things was that the sushi chef was a woman. An attractive blonde woman if that matters to you.

Do comment below if you try Ginger Sushi Lounge in Thira, Santorini. You won’t regret it.

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