My Second Influenster Box – But It’s for Bevo

Without knowing I was going to receive it, I had a big box delivered from Influenster. My first box was valued at over $200 of beauty goods. See post HERE. I opened the box and it was a bag of dog food from Nutrish, Zero Grain, apparently made by Rachael Ray. I recently started ordering Bevo’s dog food from because they offered a new customer discount, have free shipping and I don’t have to carry the 30-pound bag from the store, load it into my car and up a flight of stairs. Now I have a free bag of dog food?

I was hesitant to try it as any changes in Bevo’s diet causes changes in his belly and it’s not a fun thing to clean up. You are supposed to gradually add the new food in with his current food and eventually phase out the old food. Not knowing he was going to like Nutrish and not really intending of changing his food entirely, I didn’t phase the old food out. However, he gobbled the stuff up! Then again it’s not like doesn’t do that every night.

Thanks to Influenster for the goodies. If Bevo is anything like his owner, which dogs typically are, we like trying new things.

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