Monster Pho 2 – Emeryville, California

No, Monster Pho 2 is not part of Emeryville neighbor, Pixar‘s Monsters Inc.. That would be cute with a ‘Kitty’ and ‘Mike’ restaurant in town, wouldn’t it? Monster Pho has been around for a minute. And by that, I mean in 2014 and in Oakland, California when I still worked in at a law firm in town. I would send out our Legal Assistants to get lunch for the office and we would often go to Monster Pho. Not big on soup for lunch, I opted in for the rice plate. With the new opening of Monster Pho 2 in Emeryville, three years later, my order hasn’t changed. Neither has their menu and I am phucking OK with that.

When visiting a good friend and my nephew, she was excited that I agreed to go back to Monster Pho. She was wanting pho. I usually like to try the hot and new restaurants in town when dining out with friends but it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Monster Pho. We packed up the baby, opted out of the dog-friendly patio seating and got a table in the middle the restaurant. There was counter seating, two-tops, televisions, beer taps and wine. With the baby locked into his seat, we browsed the menu but immediately ordered the Vietnamese Crepe ($10) starter and a green tea to keep me warm. The crepe was large and filled with shrimp, pork, onions and bean sprouts. Alexander loved the crepe and sprouts. My friend’s pho arrived as well as my Monster Rice Plate ($15) with grilled chicken, beef and shrimp with rice and a fried egg. Yup, it was exactly as I remembered it. Tasty.

If you’re on a diet, please skip to my next blog posting because you’re going to want to try their Pandan Leaf Coconut Waffle with Ice Cream. Besides pho, my friend said we had to have it and that her husband was going to be so jealous. That plate could have been licked clean but we were in public. Yes, it’s that good. Just look at Alexander’s face. “Forget this soup, Auntie. Gimme some of that!

Service was friendly and I loved that it is dog and child-friendly. Well done, Monster Pho.

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