Do you think they’ll just let my kids in? They’re pretty cute.

A proud mom at my Concierge desk wondered how she was going to get her kids into the sold out Color Factory during it’s visit here in San Francisco. Every parent, including a dog parent like me, thinks their child is the cutest thing that graced this planet. Sorry, Lady. No. 

When I received an email notice that the tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream will be available, I marked it on my calendar and grabbed four tickets. My Bride & Groom, Lisa and Brandon, were interested as well as a friend, former co-worker and bad ass mixologist at Bar 587, Zachary.

The foursome arrived, were greeted by a host and explained what was happening. We were invited to taste a variety of ice creams throughout the museum. Photos, props and lots of color were everywhere – an Instagram-worthy shot in every corner.

There were swings, a pool filled with plastic sprinkles that will get absolutely everywhere, interactive rooms, soft serve ice cream treats where I ran into another one of my former co-workers and aspiring actress, Jessica, plus leaving with a pint of special ice cream flavors.  I went with the churro flavor as I am still thinking about the best churros I’ve ever had in Barcelona, Spain earlier this year.

I may not have cute children worthy of free admission but I think our photos came out pretty cute. Be sure to use hashtags #MOIC #Museumoficecream

There are tickets available now thru October 14th. Get them HERE and/or let me help you plan your San Francisco itinerary and more. 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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