Susie & Frankie – June 28, 2018

“We’re thinking about having the wedding in Oaxaca.”

Inside I am screaming with excitement, sitting in one of the lounges of where I worked full-time. The place was killing this One Busy Bee with working 60+ hours a week and I needed something to look forward to. Susie has been a friend of mine since we had a business class together at San Francisco State University and is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I remember the story of how she met her future husband. She’s happy, therefore I’m happy. And excited! However, they decided to have the wedding locally. But it turned out beautifully.

The venue was in the Mission area in San Francisco near their home called Stable Cafe. It’s a darling spot with indoor seating on two levels, an outdoor patio with fruit trees and greenery on the walls, a greenhouse area with a fireplace and a private room with easy access to the kitchen. Minah took good care us. Some rentals were needed based on the headcount but it was handled by Hil’s Cooking Catering

The wedding rehearsal was scheduled the day before and we nailed down timing, where to stand, pause, when to walk and how to stand. Their daughter, Sofia, was adorable and Nikhol, the photographer, was going to capture some great shots of this little girl. We went thru the rehearsal a couple of times to make sure everyone was positive they knew what to do the following day.

I love incorporating a moment for the Bride to have a couple of seconds to have it all about her during the procession. Susie was a little hesitant but I wished someone had recorded how loud 85 people shouted and cheered when she stepped into view as Jill Scott’s ‘He Loves Me.‘ My Brides are typically a little nervous about this moment but when I see that smile, I know they are glad they did it. Once she had her moment, her mother and father came on opposite sides to escort her to husband-to-be. 

Post ceremony, the Bridal Party, a close group of friends gathered in the cafe for a celebratory glass of champagne and group photos in the neighborhood as the guests enjoyed cocktail hour with a beautiful Latin band. It was great to see familiar faces. Susie and Frankie are very much loved. This was when we had to make sure the guests stayed in the greenhouse and dance floor area to transform the ceremony area into the reception area. Tables were moved into place from their secret areas by Stable Cafe and Hil’s. The ceremony backdrop was dismantled and stored. The Bridal Party returned, enjoyed some of the cocktail hour then it was time to line up again for introductions and start the reception. 

The buffet menu by the caterer was filling and when the head table wanted more fried chicken, it was granted. Folks enjoyed the food and I personally liked the mac n cheese, because who wouldn’t! Hil’s also had friendly service staff and handled the bar. Speeches were made and tears were shed, but laughs also filled the air.

The Bride and Groom didn’t want to make cake cutting an event so they slyly did so before they started with their very sweet first dance. You can feel the love. The cake by by Soul Desire Bakery was devoured by the guests. While guests were having a great time on the dance floor, I did what I could to stay productive and get things cleaned up.

Another beautiful event and another step in their life together was taken. So happy for you, Susie, Frankie and Sofia!

Custom artwork by the Groom, Francisco Franco

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