2019 Goals

Fort Bragg, California
2018 has had its highs but sadly it ended on a very low low with losing my dog, Bevo, that has been by my side for 10 years, to being deceived by a man I loved for several years. I loved him more than the man I actually married. But my dog, my co-pilot, the closest thing that would make me feel like a mother is gone. When you are so down, it’s hard to look at the positives that has happened to me this year. But tomorrow starts a new year.

2019 will be my year and I will welcome whatever the universe has in store for me with open arms. But you better believe that I will be doing my damndest to get what I want. I may not have the best dog in the world, the love, the ring, the marriage or the Princess that that man promised me, but I will strive to live a full life as if Bevo is still here reaping the benefits. He was a very loved, spoiled and well-traveled dog.

Here are my goals for 2019.
  1. Down to 18% body fat by the cruise in March in New Zealand and keep it there. Currently no where near this as of 12/14/19.
  2. Pay off credit cardIn progress as of 12/14/19.
  3. Build savings amount back upComplete
  4. Do at least three more weddings – 2 of 3 booked
  5. Book at least four cruises for clients1 of 4 as of 12/14/19.
  6. Get media passes for two more eventsHFWF19 & Rock Wall Wine Company Urban Paradise
  7. Get at least 27,000 blog hitsCurrently at 19,123 a of 12/14/19.
  8. Hit 1,000 followers on OBB twitterCurrently at 483 a of 12/14/19.
  9. Hike once a month – Done: Jan., Feb., Mar.,
  10. Volunteer to benefit Boston Terriers/dogs and keep Bevo’s memory aliveDid so with Wonder Dog Rescue.
  11. Do at least one other 10K race – Scheduled for 3/31 in San Jose, CA.
  12. Empower more women – Women Weds., be more involved and be a promoter/supporter of women in/fresh out of bad relationships. – WW event scheduled for 1/30
  13. Travel at least once a month – Done: Jan – Orlando, Feb – Fiji, Chicago, Albany, NY, NYC, Mar – Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand, June – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, July – Las Vegas, NV, Aug – London, Sept – Paris, Oct – Maui, Nov – the Midwest, Dec – TBD
  14. Heal, be patient and ready and love myself
Downtown Sonoma, California

What are your goals?

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