Hike Once a Month

Climbing mountains on the daily.

One of this One Busy Bee‘s favorite thing to do is kill two birds with one stone – be productive and have fun, drink wine but get educated, or travel to hike. I completely slacked in 2018 in getting many hikes in. But as it is in writing, one of my 2019 goals is to hike once a month. I have also signed up for the Bodybuilding.com challenge #BBComChallengeSeries and I want to be in the best shape of my life come March and boarding that Golden Princess cruise ship in Melbourne, Australia to New Zealand. January’s hike is scheduled for Sunday, January 27th in the East Bay. Let me know if you’d like to join the group. The more the merrier!

Montara Mountain Trail, Pacifica, California

Lake Chabot hike with Bevo, supporting Kim in getting some miles in in preparation for her 60-mile Susan G. Koman Walk in San Diego, California. – Castro Valley, California

Bevo tuckered out in the heat.

Kim & I with goals to hike to the Hollywood sign. We were just a tad bit off. – Los Angeles, California – March 2018

Hikes: DONE
January 2019
February 2019

Happy Hiking!!!

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