Come Back New

Sitting out on the deck on a our last day at sea, I would have to say I am coming back new. It has been quite some time since I have taken a two week holiday. Nowadays as a Travel Agent, every holiday is a working holiday but I can’t complain. I will be coming back to San Francisco with new experiences, new friends and new inspirations. Since my postings, I have had a few folks ask me how to become a Travel Agent. Perhaps I will consider taking on associates under me, but for now, I am learning as much as I can to one day be a better travel leader. Come Back New. How would a Princess Cruise accomplish that for you?

As a Travel Agent, I am always up for new experiences. On this voyage, I would have never thought I would be singing in front of maybe 100 guests trying out for The Voice of the Ocean. I can’t remember the last time I did karaoke by myself, if ever! I didn’t make the cut but it was a lot of fun and a fear I conquered, though not mastered.

We then followed it up with participating in a lip sync battle. I suggested we do a Spice Girls song and recruited two teenagers I met at the previous trivia session. They were both ecstatic that Kim and I were from San Francisco. How could I not adore them immediately? They had great tastes in destinations. The girls and I had a good time and from then on, we would see each other often and even posed for this adorable photo together. Emily wants to visit San Francisco so bad. Hopefully she comes makes it one day. It’d be great to see what these girls grow up to be.

Growing up, I was never into art. I enjoyed studying Michelangelo in college and had to see David while I was in Florence. On a sea day, I sat in a Thomas Kincade seminar. Being from California and the artist being from Placerville in the same state, perhaps I should have known that. Regardless, I learned a bit about this famous artist. It was wonderful to see his pieces hung up in the gallery and like searching for Waldo, I tried to find at least one of the many hidden “N”’s he paints into each piece. The N is for Nanette, his wife. The number by his signature indicates how many hidden “N”’s are in each piece. He apparently also adds his four daughters’ name into each piece as well. What a great family man. One other piece of information I found intriguing was his signature. His block signature indicates the number of “N”’s but his DNA signature is with ink made with his head and beard trimmings. After the seminar, I almost went home with a Disney’s The Little Mermaid piece. One day.

New Friends

Seeing familiar faces around the ship today, they smile but there’s a sadness of returning home. Over two weeks time, you see some folks repeatedly in passing. If you’re like me, you say hello to almost every one. The first faces you will get familiar with will be the entertainment crew. Aboard the Golden Princess on this particular voyage, you can’t miss Alex. At first, he reminded me of Gru from Dispicable Me. He is also hilarious and a cutie pie. Tavo from Cabo and Armando aka Nando are from Mexico and quite funny. If you find yourself at the Skywalkers Lounge, Raul and Armando will take good care of you. But you will also find people on the dancefloor. I loved meeting Jamie, Kelly, Lauren, Scott, Beth, Rachel, Deb and Camille. In passing and at shows and trivia, I have met Brodie, Melissa, Leann, Tracy, Glinda and many more. We have exchanged information and hope our paths cross again. And of course, Miss Emily and Lilly.


New Inspirations

Crossing paths with musicians has re-ignited many inspirations. New inspirations include starting my own trivia on Twitter. We attended almost every trivia session and it was a lot of fun. I used to go with friends to Tuesday Trivia in Alameda, an island without treasure or a prison in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would do well with Elvis Presley trivia and can name songs in two or three songs. In regards to travel, I need to improve my geography knowledge. Coming to Australia and hearing the responses from where majority of the guests were from, I had no idea where their town was located. I should have studied before heading Down Under. I think I’ll start one that is travel related on @OneBusyBeeEnt, food related on @WereHungry2 and randomness on @bappletree. Perhaps tie it to an answer on my blog. Hmmm.

Another inspiration could possibly be to grow my own agency so I can travel more and with like-minded people. This would mean I would have to have a process in place to manage the finances closely as I wouldn’t just be responsible for myself. First thing’s first, I would have to be more knowledgeable on more suppliers as my agents under me would come to with questions. I have had several friends ask about the profession. I am probably not selling it well as I am not rolling in the dough, but like anything else, it takes time to build your business. With going to Fiji the month before, I think I will do the Fiji Tourism certification. With so many Australians, perhaps I will go that route. There are so many options. I have to think about it a little bit more. What do you think?

Coming back also means coming back home to a Bevo-less home. I miss my Puppy Love. It has been three months since he passed away and I don’t ever want his memory to fade. He was such a special dog that I can’t allow it. Brainstorming ideas on how that can be done took place on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Stay tuned for news on that some day!

Not only will I be coming back with new health and beauty products, sadly I think I will be coming back home with a new cold. Thankfully, no new kilos. I was able to keep the weight off again! New experiences, new friends and new inspirations made it worthwhile.

Contact me to Come Back New after a Princess Cruise.

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