Hellyer 10K

There’s a race taking place basically almost every weekend. If you haven’t challenged yourself recently, try something like running a full or half marathon. This was my first run farther than a couple of miles since my first half marathon at Walt Disney World in January. I got the ‘running fever’ as my friend and fellow events professional, Nelly, calls it. I was happy to have him on this run and recruit multi-half marathon runner, my Cugina, Angela.

I think I picked this particular race because it was Alice in Wonderful and Disney related. I am a Disney Certified Travel Agent. Nelly quickly joined me. Three days before the event, Angela, signed up. She thought about doing the 10K with us but went big and signed up for a half marathon. She did well for not doing one in three years, barely running to train and with new http://www.brooksrunning.comBrooks. She says she’s impulsive. But here, she was successful, even though it hurt.

I also did not train for this run. I have continued going to the gym as usual but according to my RunKeeper profile, I only ran 2.3 miles one week after the half marathon. I just haven’t had the time with traveling and the weather. It is nice to say that I can just wake up, get out of bed and run 6.2 miles. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a runner. Who would’ve thought?

The race took place on March 31st off of the Hellyer exit in San Jose, California. Nelly was already there from Sacramento when I was on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge heading to pick up Angela. We made it down to the race parking lot, resisted using the port-a-potties in the early morning cold. We walked around a bit but returned back to the car to stay warm. Nelly joined Angela and I and we caught up a bit and talked about our run and training experiences until it was time to send Angela off.

Fifteen minutes later, it was our turn. I stretched in the mean time, got my ‘Kick 13.1 Miles Ass’ playlist ready and wished Nelly good luck and see him at the finish line. I’m not one to run side-by-side with someone and I certainly don’t want to hold a conversation. I turn on my music, am in my head and try to maintain my energy, breathing and try to avoid injury. Nelly knows I can’t keep up with him so we said our ‘See you laters.’

Thank goodness the course was relatively flat. I also appreciated the shade on the trail as the morning chill burned off. It was definitely not a crazy busy half marathon in Florida. I was able to take over people and be taken over by several without there being a lot of traffic. Some people would stop immediately after putting their hand up to warn the runners behind them that they were stopping. Most of the time, it was not enough notice. I didn’t feel it was needed this time around, even with the narrow paved trail for the two-way traffic. The hills, highway and stream were nice things to run along and see in the distance. Running into Nelly was also nice surprise. He eventually left me behind but our average mile time was too far off. I’m grateful for the photos he took of me crossing the finish line. I captured Angela finishing.

Approaching the finish line, your bib will alert the announcer that you’re coming in. They will say your name and where you’re from. I thought that was pretty cool. Snacks like bananas, bagels, brownies and even It’s It ice crease sandwiches were available. I finished in one hour and 10 minutes with an average mile of 11:23, ranking 12th in my age class. I usually run a 10.5 mile but as the miles increase, my time decreases. Towards the end of the half marathon in January, I was approaching a 12-minute mile. It was exhausting and took a lot out of me. I eventually broke down when I met up with Sandra. I can’t believe I just did that. I am not sure I will do another half marathon but 10Ks will probably be my thing.

It was great to have friends with me on this experience and I am looking forward the next one in May. Nelly and I have already agreed to to the three Giants races in 2020, but it depends on the dates. I am thinking of having my Little Loves do a 5K with me. If you’re a runner, which one should I do next? I want to travel for my runs. I was thinking about going to Disneyland Paris and do one for my birthday in September, but I might be going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico again. Decisions, decisions.


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