OBB Weekly – 4/2/19

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

The OBB Weekly has returned! I spent majority of March disconnected aboard the Golden Princess in the South Pacific. WiFi was iffy in Melbourne, Australia and at ports in New Zealand. I welcomed the new experience of not needing to check my phone and being interested in what’s happening on social media and being in the moment. With it being a new month and new season, what is presently happening?


Well, the current US President wants his wall. There goes the avocados! AZ Central, a part of USA Today Network, says it should close the border on trade and travel too. This opinion piece says they should so we Americans can see what a day is like without Mexicans. Tavo from Cabo, running a trivia session on the cruise ship recently asked what is the biggest export out of Mexico. He joked that it wasn’t people. I guessed avocados. It was automobiles. Shocked and recalling the name brand of vehicles I saw on the road in Cabo, I don’t recall seeing them in America. But it’s true. The other thing is that Americans travel to Mexico. “Billions worth in tourism” apparently. I was one of them. I have been to Cabo San Lucas twice and am going again in June. Right, Mr. Trump? Will I be let back into the country if I go?

Tavo fr Cabo, Princess Cruises

My plan on going back to Cabo San Lucas is to take advantage of a week long stay my good friend, Nikki, and I earned via a timeshare presentation. We signed up at the Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival and met up in Napa last summer for this presentation. For nearly three hours of our time, we said no to their offering and walked away with a voucher. During this time in Cabo, she and I are going for business. She start ACT Language Schools and I will be her Travel Agent. Our plan is to put together tours where you can learn a language while being immersed into the culture. With my previous experience in Cabo and the dates lined up, we are headed down for research, yoga and meetings to plan our offerings. Stay tuned for that!

SF Segway Tour with ACT Language Schools

Planning on going to Mexico soon?
Tell me a good story of a Mexican in your life.


Part of plan for Cabo and possibly tours to other Spanish-speaking locations is to have you gain authentic and positive impacting it’s workers and the community. Concierges and Travel Agents can aid in that. I booked my honeymoon couple to visit an elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. It was the ONLY thing they wanted to do that was scheduled on their honeymoon so I had to deliver. And what a beautiful thing to experience. They have been saved from performing and abuse in these sanctuaries. And Dumbo just happens to be the #1 movie right now. Other places where you can see elephants would be the Melbourne Zoo where they have successfully bred four Asian elephants in hopes to fight extinction. Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom has African elephants and partners and supports conservation organizations. I was able to see both. Thailand, someday.

Melbourne Zoo, Australia
Elephant at the Melbourne Zoo trying to break up that wood block
Elephants at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

If there was an endangered animal you would save in particular, which would it be?
Would you stop using a product or a service if a high level executive of the company was photographed for shooting an endangered species?


“Royce.” I had no idea that Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia of the show Shadowhunters were even dating! Now they’re married post a ‘ultra private ceremony in the heart of Mexico. Funny how Mexico keeps coming up. They must be important to us Americans. I love his music and would love to see him live. And I only started watching Shadowhunters because I know a gal that is also on the show. Congratulations, to Mr. & Mrs. Royce! I was excited when my Bride last year was thinking of getting married in Oaxaca, but San Francisco worked out well too.

Name your favorite Prince Royce song.
What is your favorite thing about the character, Isabelle, on Shadowhunters?


Chef Traci des Jardines’ passion is moving her to Mexican food. “Jardiniere, a Pioneer in High End Dining and Design, Will Close” – The New York Times, March 25, 2019. Jardiniere has been open in San Francisco for 21 years ago in Hayes Valley. It has become a destination for theater guests before a performance. My first experience was just that. We sat at the bar before seeing my first opera, The Barber of Seville, and had dessert after we dined at Absinthe. Women History Month has ended but if you can dine at this popular, woman-owned restaurant before they close their doors on April 27th, please do.

Have you dined at Jardiniere?
Do you have any favorite female chefs?


Another woman that has made history is our former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. I have completed “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” book while on the cruise ship. At the Melbourne Airport, I decided to add the weight of my Michael Kors bag and purchase Becoming and The Honey Factory, Inside the Ingenious World of Bees by Jurgen Tautz and Diedrich Steen. I was never really a reader. Even in 2016, I made a goal to read more, starting with the stack of magazines that were stacked high on my nightstand. Now three years later, I am revisiting that goal. For Lent, I was going to do something good for myself for 40 days. I was going to read for at least 30 minutes a day. I will put the phone down, not think about work or what I needed to do and get lost in a book for a few minutes. It would give my brain a change of pace and be able to escape. I can honestly say I have not read every day since the beginning of Lent, but I have made up my time. You need to keep yourself accountable and have that integrity. I am actually excited to read these books and have decided to read The Alchemist next. My inspirational friend, Nikki, who will be joining me in Cabo is currently reading that in her Book Club class for her business. It sounds like it would be right up my alley and my desire to travel. LIKE her Facebook page and tune into #SpanishSaturday to hear parts of the book in Spanish. I can honestly say that I can understand what she’s saying during these videos. It’s great practice if you are interested in learning a new language.

Currently reading
ACT Language Schools at Ferrari Carano Winery in Sonoma County, California during the Winter Wineland event by Wine Road.

What books do you recommend?
Do you have a favorite author?

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