National Beer Day 2019


It happens every year. Just like I participated and recruited folks for National Walking Day and National Burrito Day, I recruited my roommate for her first National Beer Day. We had one definite brewery in mind, Fieldwork Brewing Company, in Berkeley, California and we were thinking of visiting a friend at Ghost Town Brewing Company in Oakland and then I really like Faction Brewing in Alameda. Do you think we made it to those?

We made it to three but as tentatively scheduled. We made the drive out to Berkeley on a really nice day in the East Bay. It’s been some time since I have been to Fieldwork. I do remember that they had a Coconut IPA that was very popular among customers and staff at the restaurant I once owned in San Francisco. As usual, it was a popular spot with a line to order. Many beers were available and so were snacks. If you know what you want for your flight, fill out a form before getting to the counter. Their pickled veggies aren’t crazy spicy either so consider ordering a small ramekin of that for $5. Better yet, order two. Some places get it to the point where it’s inedible.

I’ve been taught by my Brewer friend to get #AllTheBeer – This isn’t all of them but it’s a lot!
Oh, the options!
Dinosaurs because my nephew, Nate, loves them. I can’t lie. I like them too.

My favorite of my flight was the 11.5% barrel aged sour ale called Mannequins with Kill Appeal. Then I liked the Blueberry Parfait sour. I was feeling a little Asian in the cheeks after that 11.5%.

Kim’s aunt, her grandson and friends joined us. We were now a party of 6 and headed off to another brewery. I requested that the next spot had food. Off to Elevation 66 we went! Hello, El Cerrito!

I got us a table, ordered their flight five of their own beers plus one called Two Beagle Brown. I normally like Kolsch beers. Fort Point has a nice one. This time, my favorite of the flight was the Esther’s Stout. While there, we had their brussel sprouts and mac and cheese with the buffalo chicken on the side because Kim, my roommate, doesn’t like anything spicy.

We weren’t ready to go home and apparently the group of new friends always head to Alameda Island Brewing Company as their last spot. We had a fun drive there with Kim’s 12-year-old cousin in tow and strapped in. My stomach was getting a little upset by then and I barely touched my Island Haze IPA. We had fun playing board and card games.

Glad he values his life.

I think we did a good job in getting some beer in on National Beer Day. Probably so well that I forgot to check in my beers at Elevation 66 via Untappd!

Cheers, Beer Lovers! And to the East Bay breweries.

What did you have on National Beer Day?

Had to wear my Mujicians Brewing Co. shirt. I have two of their beer shirts. They’re my ONLY beer shirts. They must be friends.

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