Sail Into Savings

Having just returned from a Princess Cruises voyage from Melbourne, Australia and around New Zealand, I HAVE to tell you about their Sail Into Savings sale. The 40% off offer is on 2019 sailings including going to Alaska, Hawai’i, Mexico, Ireland, Japan, the Caribbean, British Isles, Russia and more!


If you have Liked my Facebook page (thank you BTW), you would have seen that I post articles on travel. One is that Americans are leaving vacation days on the table and unused. Plus, going on vacation is good for your mental health and the company’s productivity. Check out this article by Travel Pulse. Take a vacation, Folks! If you must work, at least do it with an amazing view.

Aboard the Golden Princess and we see land after three days.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at for assistance. Bring me, and I’ll babysit! This little guy was so much fun. His parents said he didn’t really like anybody. Lucky me! Australians would say I was ‘clucky.’ = Wanting a baby! That’s kind of hard when I’m not dating anyone. Oh well! I’m a great babysitter. Take me with you!

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