Puesto! Cousin Time.

Easter weekend was a very social and busy time. Church held two masses at the same time, one on the lawn and one in the church. Thankfully it was a beautiful day in the East Bay and ready for sun dresses. After spending time with my Lola and Uncle and paying my respects to my late Lolo and other Lola. Then it was cousin time.

My cousin Jenny is the same age as my sister and three years older. She has two children and needed to get some things off her chest. And what better way than over margaritas?!?

Puesto is located in the corner at the newish Veranda shopping center in Pleasant Hill, California. There’s a Sephora, Banana Republic factory store, fountains and outdoor grass area and a big movie theater where apparently you can order a steak. Puesto’s rectangular bar is impressive and in your face as you walk in. The reserve liquor bottles are on shelves hanging above and can be lowered at the bartender’s will. There’s an outdoor patio, a partially open kitchen and plenty of seating. The decor has hints of bright colors and murals under its tall ceiling.

We had the guacamole with chunks of Parmesan cheese, the El corn dish that was my favorite, the lime rice and salmon ceviche. And don’t forget the margaritas! I had two of the avocado margaritas on the rocks with salt. You can’t really taste the avocado so I would say it’s better used on my avocado toast. A simple one at the spa cafe at the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa is a good example.

We had some good girl talk time. Even though we don’t live too far from each other, we were able to make this happen. They say your cousins are your first best friends. We definitely had a lot of time together growing up. It’s amazing what we have both been thru. Bottom line, we survived. And now, with goals to enjoy life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

I need to hang out with you more. I’m scared. But we should.

I think I can have a good time anywhere I am. Take our visit to Cost Plus World Market, also located in the Veranda shopping center. Jen has never been in one. It was about to get awkward. Bunny ears were added to the outfit and fun and silliness in ‘testing’ the furniture. A lot of laughs. It’s good for the soul and I love making people smile. Hang in there, Cousin. You got this, but you also have me. And there are many margaritas to be had!

What Cousin can you call when you need help?
How do you like your margaritas?

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