Brunch on Cinco de Mayo

Brunch tacos, churro waffles, $5 mimosas are what you will find at Rocket Taco in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Don’t forget to add the Pineapple Express made with jalepeno-infused mezcal, pineapple and lemon juice.

Far away from the Mexican border to celebrate the end of the French-Mexican battle, we made the most of the day closer to the Canadian border thanks to Alaska Airlines’ 24-hour sale in April. A couple of girlfriends spontaneously booked a quick 40-hour stay in Christian Gray’s backyard. From Hotel Max, which is near the La Scala Condo building seen in 50 Shades of Gray movies, we walked two miles to explore the city and take advantage of Rocket Taco’s Cinco de Mayo offerings. The closest thing I have had to a Mexican brunch are huevos rancheros. Rocket Taco did have that dish on the menu but I was feelin’ tacos.

The corner restaurant has booths, bar seating with a full bar, TVs playing Disney’s Coco and papel picados with rockets on them. Order at the counter and a friendly food runner will deliver your food and cocktails.

The freshly made tortillas were nice and soft. Get the Poblanos and Cream for $10. Three tortillas will be topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, carmelized onions, poblano strips and crema. Delicious. Add their green medium salsa and your tummy will be doing the salsa.

The Chorizo Potato sounds self explanatory but also had eggs, this time with cheese. But wait for it…

The churro waffles were the best thing at the table. Some places have their churros too hard and some are perfect like in Barcelona, Spain. These waffles were perfectly cooked with the perfect amount of sugar and cinnamon. It didn’t need the whipped cream or the chocolate. It was perfect as is.

Climb the hill up to Rocket Dog like we did and you would have earned those tacos, mimosas AND a churro waffle. You won’t regret it.

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Rocket Taco
602 19th Street
Seattle, Washington

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