OBB Weekly – 5-28-19

This Memorial Day Weekend was filled beach weather, itinerary planning, food and inspiration. Filled with new memories on this Memorial Day, I do have mention my gratitude to the armed forces who have fought and given up their lives for our country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It should also be day to live life to the fullest and enjoy our freedoms.


Though I have spent most of this Memorial Day Weekend on the couch of the house I am housesitting at in the beach town of Santa Cruz, I have definitely added new travel experiences I can recommend to my clients. The weather has improved since the last time I was here a month ago. The sun was shining and the chance of rain on Sunday decreased as the day approached. I returned to the Dream Inn and the West Cliff Trail and UC Santa Cruz. And yes, of course food. See next section.


Itinerary planning is planning for an event. Some people do not take advantage of their available paid-time off and others don’t know where to start. It’s time for a new adventure, don’t you think?

Though I was staying at a house a mile away from the beach, I spent most of my long weekend on the couch watching Netflix and building itineraries. My honeymooners to Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives are set. A phone call with a prospective client for Hawai’i was made and a proposal was sent. For myself, I look forward to deepening my understanding of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Las Vegas. In London, I will be visiting Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Bath, Lacock and Stonehenge. Please do not hesitate to ask me for assistance with other destinations I have blogged about. Perhaps, Versailles?

A wedding reception at The Cape in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Gondola rides are available at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada


Memorial Day falls on a Monday. A meatless Monday. I have been able to successfully continue Meatless Monday while I travel. Friends have asked if I could move it to another day when it was time to be social. I have managed to decline and there is always something to vegetarian to eat at any restaurant. In Santa Cruz, I found a vegetarian and vegan restaurant on Laurel Street called Saturn Café. The menu is plentiful, including happy hour. You may even get their versions of sausage, burgers and bacon. I went with their Coconut Cream Pie French Toast. Ask for Jimmy as your Server. Super nice!

If you must cook at home, throw some pasta in a pot and cover it in pesto sauce. Cucumber salad is easy to make as well with items commonly found in your cupboards. Try Meatless Monday. After awhile, it’s not that hard and you won’t miss meat that much.

Pesto fettucine and watching Versailles.


I love places that make you realize just how tiny your problems are.”

I miss my dog. A new car has tightened my purse strings. I am further from my Goal By 40. I am restless between travels. However, I am thankful for the memories, how I was able to obtain that car, goals to strive for and travel booked at least once per month thru October. Travel is not a cover up but everyone needs a little escape from troublesome matters. It’s therapy. Let me help you book your next therapy session. Often times, it’s paired with wine.

This made me miss Bevo – Wellington, New Zealand

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