#73 – LLB at Cache Creek Casino

With 14 years of seeing my favorite band, Los Lonely Boys, of course I would work from home – aka a pub in Davis, California – and head up to Brooks and Cache Creek Casino Resort. This was my Valentine’s Day present to myself, though a day late. I have had so many memories here, including staying in the hotel and the Boys singing a song to me on my birthday weekend. Good times.

Concert #73 was no different, besides the lack of the Onda By the Bay concert goers. My friend, Laura, who I met thru these concerts was in attendance but we didn’t get to spend too much time together. Nonetheless, it was great to see her. She’s a mommy, wife and friend of Karen Garcia, a young mother that was found dead in her car in a parking lot. Her boyfriend is on the loose. Please visit Just for Karen.

The Boys were on fire and having a great time. There was fancy foot work, they interacted with the crowd as they usually do and they made me happy. Their set list was as follows.

Bayou – a cover I’m sorry I don’t know by who.
I Never Met a Woman
Don’t Walk Away
Blame It On Love
Give A Little More
So Sensual
Crazy Dream
Nobody Else
Oye Mamcita

I believe this was also my first Facebook Live streaming. The friends I have made thru the music of Los Lonely Boys loved it! Be sure to check out my videos of their performances. They are amazing live and I highly recommend getting an affordable ticket every chance you get. It’s so worth it!

See my LLB Concert Log. Maybe we were at the same concert! They have quite a bit of California dates but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make them. Get your tickets HERE.

In regards to Cache Creek Casino Resort, you can gamble, golf, go to concerts obviously, drink, eat and dance. They were in the process of a renovation and were expanding with another pool, multipurpose conference and concert space, meeting space and more. I would love to try the spa! Cache Creek, let’s talk!

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