Cruising & the Environment

With the recent disappointing news of Carnival being slapped with a $20 million fine for continuing to pollute our oceans, you think about how your desires to travel are impacting the environment. Small changes can help. Cruise lines have stopped putting plastic straws in their beverages, encourages guests to reuse water bottles, recycles, donates linens to be reused, creates educational programs for children aboard about water conservation, etc. and have created or partnered with non-profit organizations to give back. (Green Cruising – Cruise Critic 11/14/18)

Royal Caribbean is starting to build the world’s next largest cruise ship stating it will have the latest technology. What does that even mean? I am hoping that means it aims to NOT get slapped with a fine of its own. Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages is ‘developing clean energy technology.’ He is also partnering with a Swedish startup to convert the heat from the engines into electricity. Follow Virgin Voyages and support the leader in cruise lines making a statement in reducing its carbon footprint, even if the price tag starts at $1,400 per person.

I am a Princess Certified Travel Agent and hope the cruise line market will continue to make improvements. I have been on three cruises with my first one being aboard the Reflection by Celebrity Cruises. I have enjoyed cruising since 2012 and feel it’s my job to be aware of what travel partners are doing to save the planet.

Cisco, my new Puerto Rican friend from Brooklyn, New York in Dunedin, New Zealand via the Golden Princess.

Making a difference starts with you. I will make an effort to propose itineraries with travel partners that help preserve the same world we are all trying to see. Small changes in your lifestyle will also help. I recycle, compost, use reusable bottles and support wildlife and forests and parks. See Lonely Planet’s article on How To Go Green When You Travel for some great tips.

Baby turtles were protected from predators in order for them to have a better chance at survival. Then were released into the waters of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Came via the Oosterdam by Holland America – Jan. 2017
The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony gives the smallest penguins a place to call home and be safe. Dunedin, New Zealand.
Tauranga port, New Zealand
Tauranga port, New Zealand

How will you do plan on saving the planet at home?
At work?
And when you travel?

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