Cabo vs. Phuket

The beauty of being an Entrepreneur and Travel Agent is that I can work from anywhere that has WiFi. I have been in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a few days with a dear friend and business partner. We are here doing research on a language experience program we hope to launch in 2020. As it is my third time here, I fall more and more in love with it. While I am doing research, I am also able to communicate with my honeymoon couple in Phuket, Thailand. I am glad to hear they are having a good time. Thank you to WhatsApp for that capability. It is part of my job to make sure my clients feel supported during their vacation.

Pool at ME Cabo

My Bay Area couple have stayed at two properties in Phuket, will be doing an elephant sanctuary tour and then heading to the Maldives. Let me plan your honeymoon!

Aside from confirming and changing transfer times for my honeymoon couple, I have managed to gain blog-worthy experiences, work on my day job, encourage friends to come out to the Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival this October, talk cruises and even participate in the weekly #InspireToWander chat on Twitter. It’s nice to sit on the balcony of your hotel room with a great view of the pool, ocean and the famous rock formation that Cabo is known for.

I cannot personally say I have been to Phuket but from what I booked for my honeymooners, it is quite more affordable than Cabo. I could live like a queen out there and so can you! Affordable food can definitely be found in Cabo and there are properties for every price range.

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