OBB Weekly – 6-18-19

My apologies for missing last week’s post. I was enjoying and learning as much as I could in Cabo San Lucas, México as your Travel Agent. The One Busy Bee is back from Central America and with a new job. Travel has been a motivator for me and has kept me focused. Does it do the same for you?


This was my third visit to Cabo and I enjoy it more every time I go. Cabo will be another destination I plan to be Certified in, do business in and more. Back home in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am looking forward to sending my guests there. Do consider your next trip to Mexico for your next international destination. It’s an easy trip via Southwest for Californians and Alaska Air has also been doing quite a few specials. The best time to go will Be November to May before it gets hot. However if you like the heat, taking advantage of low season deals will save you money.

The Office, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo is a great place to have your special event. There are many venues at hotels and resorts. The sand at Medano Beach is soft where it’s more rocky near the JW Marriott. I would be extremely excited to be able to work with a Bride and Groom who would like to get married at The Resort at Pedregal. As a guest, we enjoyed a Monday night dinner with music duo of an acoustic guitarist and violinist. Walking the property, you could hear the waves crashing and perhaps fireworks for a wedding taking place. It is stunning.


I can go on and on and on on The Resort at Pedregal. I had a $120USD meal on Meatless Monday and it was the best vegetarian dish of mushrooms, corn and butternut squash purée I have ever had. I ate it all! If you are a vegetarian, be sure to ask for the special menu.

I have to also mention the chilaquiles at The Office. I had it twice during my six-day stay in Cabo. It was fantastic! With flavor, lots of sauce and piping hot! To be fair, I tried the chilaquiles at the Pueblo Bonito and it wasn’t as good. The chips were stacked high but the sauce was barely there.

My attempt at making chilaquiles at home. They were delicious and roommate approved!


Going to Mexico with my friend, Nikki, Owner of ACT Language Schools, I definitely want to improve my Spanish. I think I could understand a lot of what is being said but it would be helpful to do business there knowing the language better. I would recommend learning what you can before you go to Cabo. Contact Nikki to help you! She can schedule private classes with you or join in with other students. Visit her Facebook page for Spanish Saturdays for a taste.

Yoga poses in Todos Santon, Mexico

Lastly, I have been motivated to attack my fitness goals. Besides preparing for my second half marathon scheduled for my birthday, I need to feel more confident in those Hot Miami Styles bikinis. Vegas will be in three weeks. I am down to my original weight already before leaving for Cabo and I need to it go down more, plus add some definition in those abs. I will be watching what I put in my body. Wish me luck!

In summary, I love Cabo! And food, clearly. I hope this sparks some interest in Cabo San Lucas and joining me on a fitness lifestyle. With a longer life, you can work three jobs, eat well and travel the world like this One Busy Bee!

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