#MeatlessMonday in Paris?

“But you’re on vacation!”
“Just move it to another day?

The best impossible burger I’ve ever had – Roy’s at Pebble Beach
Bubbles contains no meat. Roy’s at Pebble Beach

I have been participating in #MeatlessMonday for over a year and I have owned up to the rare times of accidentally even having a bite of meat without thinking. In those instances, I made up for it by continuing the rest of the day as a vegetarian and adding the next day as well.

This morning, I had a reminder to buy the Eiffel Tower summit tickets during my birthday weekend in Paris. My dear friend, Nikki, made reservations at a Michelin Star Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower on Monday, September 23rd. I then realized it was going to be #MeatlessMonday. As this is a special meal, I have decided to move my #MeatlessMonday that week to Tuesday. The commitment is still there and important to me but I’m just moving it this one time.

Do you participate in #MeatlessMonday? There are so many options and sometimes restaurants have a whole vegetarian menu, such as The Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Issi, of Cookin’ Cabo, had us make a few vegetarian dishes as well such as this cheesy plate with vegetables and mole.

Do you have any memorable vegetarian/#MeatlessMonday meals?
Where and what did you order?

Cheese plate at The Resort at Pedregal

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