Norwegian Live Training

Norwegian Cruise Line hosted a series of speedway events at K1 Speed Track in many different cities. I was lucky to have been invited and participated in the one at the Dublin, California location. Norwegian‘s three new ships have outdoor, multi-level race tracks. Imagine racing in the middle of the sea!

Dining area. Event space.

The evening started out with checking in and getting in line to race. The last time I was on a course like this was in Livermore, California may eight years ago and they used gas. I felt very sick and I had to have my boyfriend at the time pull over while on the way home. I needed fresh air. At this event, the carts are battery operated.

Participants were able to race more than once but the buffet of pizza, sliders, chicken tenders and salad were offered. I had a good time racing and I came in third in my group and was the fastest female. Being a race car driver would be a fun job, on top of being a Travel Agent.

During the presentation, they showed us the new features of the new cruise ships and how to attract different demographics.

Norwegian Joy has been their prime marketing focus. It has a wrap around lounge which would be nice for those in Alaska wanting to stay warm. There are three main dining room and has elevated menus as they have merged with Oceania and Regent.

Activities available will be the race track for a minimal charge, say around $15. There is a height requirement to ride. There is lazer tag and the Galaxy Pavillion where you can create and virtually ride the roller coaster you created.

Millennials like to stay connected. Free wifi minutes is an offer to choose from when you book during certain promotions. This group care about the environment, culture and local experiences. Studies show (How Travel Agencies Avoided Extinction and Became a Luxury Service – Vox 9/21/18) millennials also trust the experts. Call me!

Sixty-two percent of active families are said to choose their vacation based on the ship. They want the bells and whistles the ship offers. Also, cruise ships are best for vacations with multi-generation family travelers. There is something for every body, children can be save in one place and everyone comes together for dinner every night. Babyboomers are active explorers. They prefer luxury and pampering.

One thing that resonates with this Hawaii Certified Travel Agent is that they mentioned the Pride of America cruise ship that tours the Hawaiian islands. It has been voited the best itinerary for 13 years and you can add on overnighters in Maui and Kaua’i to give you more time. Add on extra days before as well. This will give you time to visit the island of Lanai as well, something I have been personally wanting to do.

If your time is flexible, consider making it more of a package deal and add air to your reservation. Flights may be booked 6 months out, they will be direct and not too much of an inconvenience. Costs will most likely vary between $99 – $299 depending on your departure and destination. Unfortunately, no business class is available and your preferred airline is not guaranteed. However, with booking your flight thru the cruise line, you will be guaranteed to make your cruise ship, either at the original departure or at another port, depending on circumstances.

For you solo travelers, Norwegian also has studios. No more double occupancy requirements. The cost is slightly higher than one person but at least it’s available.

Offers galore! Every cruise line has a special offer to book. Norwegian has a Free at Sea. A reservation of a Studio or Inside stateroom allows one free offer such as Free Unlimited Beverages, Free Shore Excursion Credits, Free Speciality Dining, Free WiFi and on some sailings, friends and family sale free.

For fun, the marketing materials included these facts on Alaska. Consider Alaska to be your next cruise!

Denali is the highest peak in North America, towering at 20,320 feet.
The weight of one humpback whale is equal to the weight of 8 African elephants.
5% of Alaska (29,000 square miles) is covered by glaciers.
As part of the biodiversity program, Norwegian is proud to partner with the Alaska Raport Center in Sitka, Alaska.

In response to how Norwegian is different and their commitment to the environment, see a list HERE of how they are making a difference.

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