La Copa Bar – Todos Santos, Mexico

North of Cabo San Lucas, find yourself in a cute town called Todos Santos. It is the home of a Hotel California, art galleries and workshops and the historic The Todos Santos Inn. In the Inn, find La Copa Bar with a beautifully made dark, wooden bar, tall bar stools and deep armchairs. Under the mirror in between two flat-screen televisions, bottle are lined. Also in a line, find jars of infusions. A concoction was the perfect way end to a tour of this beautiful property.

The cocktails matched perfectly and as a bartender myself, a former Co-Owner of a San Francisco restaurant and twenty years in hospitality, these were memorable creations. The time and love it took to create these cocktails, plus the presentation and smoke (Yes, smoke!) was fantastic. I sadly cannot remember the name of our talented bartender but I cannot wait to go back to try more and share this experience and craft with many more.

Oveja Negra – $160 pesos
White tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, coc0nut water, cucumber and mint

Aventurera – $150 pesos
Vodka infused with ginger and cardamom, lime juice and ginger soda

Chachita – $160 pesos
Mezcal infused with tamarind, grapefruit syrup, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, smoke with rosemary

Which would you try?

Stay tuned for more on Todos Santos and how and when we’ll be going back. Follow us for more information – ACT Language Schools & One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC.

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