Todos Santos Inn, Mexico

Everyone knows about The Eagles’ song, Hotel California. A popular stop in Todos Santos, Mexico is their own Hotel California. It is a historic filled with a full restaurant, large souvenir shop and a lot of art. It is not the Hotel California in the song. Head north down the street and make a left turn you will find the amazing and cozy Todos Santos Inn. After a yoga pose with papeles picados above us, I wanted to go in and explore this small, corner hotel. And what a wonderful surprise!

At the corner entrance, you encounter the La Copa Bar with a large wooden bar, high bar stools, antique decor and large mirror above the assortment liqueurs. Check out the large jars of infusions on the bar top. Something unique is waiting to be added to your cocktail. Read more about the bar and what we enjoyed.

Go thru the walkway on the right and you’ll find Jose at the General Manager’s desk. This One Busy Bee Travel Agent introduced myself and a business partner and her husband. I explained what we were doing in Todos Santos and he took hospitality seriously and gave us a tour.

The mural in the lobby and where you would check in is original and should be examined. The property added on with improvements and expansions two different times. You could see where the original property stopped and the new was added on. The design matched well where you can see the difference but you still get the same look and feel.

Before visiting the rooms, an outdoor, rounded seating area was a perfect space to gather. Nikki, an Online Language Coach and I already had ideas on what would happen there. This was just one of outdoor spaces of this lovely property we look forward to utilize. There is even a small pool and lounge chairs.

The rooms vary in sizes but even their standard room is incredibly comfortable with large beds, high ceilings with exposed beams, large and comfortable bathrooms. Rooms with two bed are available.

The larger villas have a sitting area and outdoor seating area and again, a large bathroom. The windows can let natural light in and I don’t foresee it being a loud property, unless the entire property is bought out. Don’t let me grab the date before you do!

The dining area has indoor and outdoor areas. Look up and a small balcony from the La Copa Bar can be seen past the hanging lights. The wallpaper with birds and pineapples, a sign of hospitality. It is said that these birds would come into the space thru the side door. How nice to remember these animals.

We enjoyed our cocktails in the bar, just passed the sitting area and library. We left pretty excited about coming across this property and how to make this work for our business idea were flowing. Stay tuned!

One Busy Bee Enterprises LLC

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