Football is Here!

I woke up laughing. A beauty of an employee of mine was a Gold Rush Cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers. I dreamt that she recommended I try out for the team. “Are you serious?!?” Although people still think I’m in my twenties, I don’t think they would want this almost 39-year-old on their team. It was a fun dream.

Without realizing it, yesterday, August 10th was the Niners first pre-season game. Ohhhhh, having that dream made so much sense! Thanks for the reminder, Brain. I got to watch a bit of it last night at work. Also had a nice chat with a fellow fan and customer. Thankful for his generous tip on one beer.

I have been a 49er Faithful all my life. My all-time favorite is Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. I have worked on weekends as of late so this One Busy Bee didn’t have a chance to stay on top of it. This season, that changes.

The Niners won their first pre-season game against the Dallas Cowboys. I went to one of those! It was the only time I’ve been to Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. A friend and I went into the museum and had some fun. We sat in the sun of this open stadium and had a blast. Plus, the Niners won. My friend was a Cowboys fan. I would love to see them play on the road someday.

Do you travel for football games?

Hoping Jimmy G. brings home some Ws! Bevo used to hate it when I would watch football at home. The yelling at the television made him think I was mad at him. Poor boy, I miss him.

Here’s to a hopeful season, Niner Faithful!

Contact me to help you plan your trip to the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere to see your favorite team!

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