Meatless Monday in London

On this One Busy Bee’s first day being able to be a tourist in London, it just happened to be Meatless Monday. The week before, I failed doing Meatless Monday by enjoying a duck confit hash at Lucy Restaurant and Bar at Bardessono in Napa. I made up for it by going meatless the day after. I did not fail doing Meatless Monday across the pond. I also did not want to fail my #50GBPaDayChallenge of not spending too much on food when I travel. It was a good way to travel.

Touring the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and The Shard on an empty stomach, I stopped into Pure outside the London Bridge train station and had a chocolate croissant and berry smoothie. You can order items off the menu at the counter or select from the many grab and go items like parfaits, sandwiches, smoothies and other snacks. Sit a table for two, charge your phone or open your laptop and work remotely. My snack helped me get thru the half marathon I walked from the Tower of London to Notting Hill that day.

One place I wish I could have spent some money at was the Borough Market. The vendors had fresh bread, wheels of cheese, charcuterie and more. Light from the windows above and the sound of trains on the tracks going by lays over the chit chat between consumers and vendors. It was definitely a popular spot. The restaurants located across the street were very busy and provided Mexican food, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. I resisted and continued on my way.

Passing the Shakespeare Globe, The Tate Museum, the Undercroft, the Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Wellington Arc. I wanted to eat in Notting Hill so I stopped for a quick snack at the corner of Hyde Park. You can’t go wrong with fruit. I love fruit. Who’s with me?!

Thankfully I missed the crazy heatwave where the front steps of homes melted and Londoners were stripping layers while on hot trains underground. Though there were sprinkles at 11 AM, the clouds parted quickly and it was warm again. Passing numerous people enjoying ice cream cones and soft serve made me walk each step with envy. Once I reached Serpentine Lake, I spent 3GBP for a vanilla soft serve. Quite a few miles in and still a few more to get to Notting Hill, the delicious treat took my mind off how warm and tired how my Brooks were.

Surprised that Kensington Palace was still open offering tours, I pushed back my goals of having a real meal. Unfortunately, the restaurant offering afternoon tea was closed by the time I was done with the tour. I made my way to Notting Hill.

Arriving in the neighborhood, I reviewed several menus posted outside but nothing was calling out to me. Going up and down a couple of streets, I ended up at the Prince Albert pub. The menu had more than ten vegetarian dishes. It was perfect for Meatless Monday. I ordered the Beyond Meat Burger with two sides for 15.50GBP. It was a ‘plant based patty on a linseed bun, topped with tobacco onions and melted gouda alternative, produced from coconut oil.’ For my sides, I went with a side salad and the courgetti, fiery, fried courgette ribbons with lime and sour cream. Not knowing what courgetti was, I took a risk. And it paid off. It’s zucchini. The meal was delicious. I killed the burger and loved the courgetti and I deserved that cider.

Full and tired, I took the train back to the Euston and walked back to my hotel at the Ambassador Bloomsbury. It was a very good Meatless Monday, and I spent a total of 36.50 GBP. Success.

Consider going Meatless once a day. Comment below if you are willing to commit!
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