Cat Club – San Francisco, California

What do you do on a Thursday night in San Francisco? If you like 80s music and don’t want to pay for a cover, head to Cat Club on Folsom Street. Arrive with leg warmers and teased hair or come as you are. Expect a variety of ages, including a hip senior citizen with a walker. Good times: guaranteed.

Say hi to Michael at the front door and be ready to show your ID. Be nice and he might just give you a bottle of water on your way out like a gentleman. Talk about service! Go around the dark drapes and find yourself on the dance floor. The DJ is up on the right above the dance floor, screens showing music videos are on the left. The bar is further down on the left. High tops for four on the right and lounge space near the back. Coat check and bathrooms are in the rear. A second room is said to be in the back but it was blocked off on this particular evening. Tall mirrors with thick gold frames lined the perimeter of the venue and be adventurous to dance the cage. Enjoy shots or cocktails from the full bar and have a good time like we did.

We haven’t been together since we were in Paris in 2017.

Let me plan your trip to San Francisco!

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