Josh & Marissa – Pre-Planning

It was an honor to be the Event Coordinator for Josh and Marissa in Seaside, California. The couple moved from the area to Arizona but returned to celebrate their wedding closer to family.

Marissa planned majority of her wedding herself and had the help from her sister, Noralisa. I advised on topics she had questions on, had two calls to get a download of what has been planned and what was missing or needed to be completed. Marissa was extremely easy to work with, was calm and collected at all times, including on her day of.

The venue was Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course with a view of the Monterey Bay in the distance. It had plenty of parking, spacious rooms and a capable staff. Another thing, it is affordable! As much as I love San Francisco, venues in beach counties such as Santa Cruz and Monterey will give you more for your dollar.

Before the wedding rehearsal, I arrived early and had breakfast as I reviewed the draft timeline and questions I had. I met the site coordinator, Jeff, and he had a couple of other couples interested in the property as well. He was a busy man. Book your event there! Let me know if I can help.

The wedding party arrived a little late. As the coordinator and one that takes pride in my events running on schedule, I stressed and reiterated the time I needed people to arrive for set-up and where to be for the ceremony. They did a good job.

The wedding rehearsal is a time to go over the processional and recessional of the wedding ceremony. The officiant was not there but we covered a few things just before the ceremony. It worked out. I would work with him again. Pep talks are made to the flower girl and ring bearer and I often asked if the party had any questions or suggestions.

We nailed down order, timing, where to stand, pause, smile and walking pace. Unless the Bride and Groom have ideas on how they would to enter, I propose a way so there’s space in between couples for great photos and make sure it goes well with the music that has been selected.

One thing I love to do is for the Bride to have her moment alone to be oohed and ahhhhed as the guests and typically the Groom have their first look. She pauses in one area for a count and proceeds. Her entrance is tied to the lyrics of her song. The applause and shouts make the Bride glow even more just when you think it isn’t possible. Marissa was open to it and eventually her father would meet her in the middle as they walk towards each other for her to escort her down the aisle.

Having practiced the processional and recessional twice, the wedding party got it. They were ready. I chatted with Jeff to answer some lingering questions, he offered up the office of a place to hide the bride before the ceremony and introduced me to the lady putting up decor and lighting for the wedding that evening. The space did need an oomph for an event to modify it from a golf course clubhouse to a wedding reception venue. The price was affordable and it saved the vendor from taking it down the next day.

I chatted briefly with the party and took my ‘Event Planner’ hat off. It was replaced later that afternoon when the timeline was finalized and sent to the Bride to forward onto the vendors. The timeline was final-final. I was looking forward to a wedding that I didn’t have to be up extremely early for. I had a 3 pm start time. Lovely!

More on the day of HERE (coming soon).

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