Where To Next?

With just three trips left this year that are confirmed, (Oahu is an option in November,) I wonder what is next. Currently my day job is in a questionable position and I have had to make funds stretch since the beginning of the summer. Hence the #50GBPaDayChallenge in London and being as frugal as I can.

Where to next? Well, I still have a #GoalBy40 that I need to tackle. Like 2017, I didn’t have any major travel plans for six months straight and I focused on my Concierge position. I feel that may be the case post November. In the mean time, I have tasks that will keep me busy til my current job becomes self-sustaining or I find another full time job. I am open to relocating to somewhere new and exciting. I am also comfortable with a remote position. Travel, wedding clients and Stella & Dot hostesses and new Stylists are also an option. Let’s connect on LinkedIn! Referrals are always appreciated.

I do not regret the choices I have made. I have seen the world, had amazing experiences and had my taste buds sing! Not many people can say that! When people think they can’t travel, oh yes you can! I live in one of the most want to visit places in the world and it’s my own backyard. Explore and share your own backyard! I am sure there are gems that no one talks about as much as they should. Do it!

The view from TPC Stonebrae, Hayward, California

Stay tuned for what’s next for this One Busy Bee. I am excited as to where I will be next. If you told me I was going to be in Omaha, Nebraska, I wouldn’t have believed you. But there I was, under Bob the Bridge with Omar the Troll.

Earrings by Stella & Dot

See the video on the whole #OBBRoadTrip HERE.

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