Happy National Tourism Day

Visiting the Statue of Liberty for the first time. – February 2019

In honor of National Tourism Day, I want to thank my clients for their business, the opportunity to help them make new memories and their trust in me to guide them in the right direction, which is sometimes off the beaten path.

I want to thank my social media followers for their support. The likes, shares and comments has hopefully inspired you and your loved ones to travel, seek adventure and explore corners of the world you have only read in books or have seen on Instagram.

I want to thank my dear friends and family for their support and understanding as I seize the day and travel the world at every opportunity I can take advantage of. I am gone often and I sometimes miss important family events. Though funny sometimes, I appreciate friends not touching their food unless I have taken a photo of it first or standing out of the way when I want to take hotel photos of the room untouched after a long day of traveling. Yes, this is part of traveling with a Travel Agent and Travel Blogger. Thank you and I love you!

Travel Agents are rich in travel and experiences. We don’t make a ton of money so I appreciate those that understand that the service we provide is indeed a service. Calls to vendors, research, creating a customized itinerary within outlined constraints takes time and has value. Thank you for supporting your Travel Agent.

Now, where to next?!? It will be Maui for me for the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.

The Brooklyn Bridge – September 2017

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