Stay With Me, JoJo

The news of JoJo Garza deciding for leave my favorite band, Los Lonely Boys, is hitting pretty hard. I have traveled many miles to see their shows and it has been an amazing ride. Stay with me, JoJo.

“Staying With Me” KFOG Archives.

I woke up to posts and a chat thread of all the friends I have met thru the Los Lonely Boys and it just feels unreal that JoJo is leaving the group. They were 13 years of my life plus 70+ concerts, road trips, late nights and just so much fun. I have to say, the Onda By the Bay crew had it pretty friggin’ good! They had so many shows here, we showed them an endless amount of love, greeted them with welcome bags and gave out swag to other fans. They always knew our names, pointed us out in the crowds and smiled. We did get some pretty special access to them, didn’t we, OBTB??? Tahoe like that never happens! Private concerts, meet and greets. I am going to miss those opportunities to be one-on-one and real with each one of them. They cared about us, always asked how we were, how the family was and remembered our stories. They are down to earth, Grammy-award winning family men and I love each one of them.

This video was for my birthday at Cache Creek Casino Resort. Thank you Lakota Harden for letting them know it was my bday and capturing this. It’s on my list of all-time amazing moments of my life. There is absolutely no feeling like being so special that they sing directly to you and are looking right at you in a crowd of 1000s of people. That smile too! My then boyfriend made me so upset I cried at the dinner table on my birthday before the show and I’m glad I told him not to come to the show. This made it all better. Got some love from my favorite bass player and Henry never goes to that part of the stage!!!!

Nobody Else & Happy Birthday, Bernadette

JoJo Garza. What can I say? You have a special place in my heart, always. Thank you for your music, being a part of my life, making me smile, making me feel important, special and beautiful and overall happy. I wish I could help you during this time of change as you’ve helped me on countless occasions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here. I love you.

Sparks, Nevada

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