From Maui to Muncie

Ten days straight of traveling with three more to go, it reconfirms I am OK with being on the road – even in Indiana. Of course I had a wonderful time in Maui with my dear friends and father during the Hawai’i Food & Wine Festival weekend. Now in Muncie, Indiana, it hasn’t been too bad. On recent business trips to the mid-west, there were very long hours. This time around, it has been a bit more entertaining.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to do write-ups on all the fun we’ve had and the delicious plates that were set before us but let me share a couple of highlights.

At the Pasta La Vista dinner at the Hyatt Maui during the HFWF19, Yountville Bottega’s Chef Michael Chiarello created the most unique dish of the evening. The pasta was mozzarella and Cavaero Farms zucchini spaghettini over tomato carpaccio, Rooftop tomato onserva, balsamic caviar, basil, and crispy calabrian chili flake gremolata. Delicious, yes. But what made this dish extra amazing was a special plate hand-delivered by the Chef to my roommate who has a tomato allergy! Cheek kisses were also given to us three ladies.

In Muncie where the palm trees were replaced by corn stalks, rum drinks were replaced with breweries. Close to the Convention Center and the Courtyard by Marriott is Twin Archer Brewpup. There’s a door for the 21 and up and a door for families looking to dine accompanied with arcade games. The Blackout Stout by Great Lakes Brewing Company at 9.9% ABV was delicious. Happy to have had a beer on Untappd’s nine-year anniversary. The salad Goat & Greens salad with quinoa, walnuts, fresh goat cheese, cranberries and a maple balsamic vinaigrette was unexpectedly devoured. I may have helped my coworker attack the Nock ‘N Loaded fries with bbq pork, cheddar and slaw.

Savage’s Ale House was also a decent option in Muncie. The Chuck Berry is the Woodchuck cider mixed with Lindemans Framboise. A side salad and a BLT on Texas Toast was also a good choice. Sit at the bar or at the many wooden tables. If you are a local brewery owner or employee, be sure to add your brewery’s sticker to the light pole outside.

Muncie is definitely not Maui but if you’re up for the experience, there are definitely good options if you’re open-minded.

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