“What’s This?!”

The real question is ‘What’s The Nightmare Before Christmas?’ I have never seen this Tim Burton film until the day of Halloween as I got dressed as Sally. As a Disney Certified Travel Agent, I should know and now I do. Sorta.

In all honesty, I have to watch it again as I wasn’t able to hear every line as my best friend’s house was bustling. I actually don’t remember what happened at the end and frankly, all of the guts as well. What I did catch was that I was creeped out a bit by Sally’s creator. Being possessive is not a good look, Fellas. I adored Zero, the dog. My niece is also a lover of dogs and she dressed up as Zero. How fitting. What I recalled the most was the “What’s this?” song when Jack discovers Christmas. I definitely need to watch it again. I am sure my Disney fan of a roommate wouldn’t mind.

Straight off of a plane from Chicago, my best friend picked me up and we got ready for Halloween. I borrowed her costume, the Sally jewelry and helped with make-up. It was fun and I haven’t really done wigs before. One day, I will fit into my Jasmine costume again.


What were you dressed as for Halloween?
If you were to dress up as a Disney character, who would it be?

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