First 24 Hours Home

My big, red Samsonite luggage has been unpacked. The bedroom floor is compiled of two piles: laundry and day job items to work out later. This is the progress I have made being home for 24 hours. I mostly slept – 12 hours to be exact in two different segments. Just like the piles.

In the hours of consciousness, I was convinced to work on a spreadsheet that would hopefully alleviate some recent stress. With no intention of working today, I gladly opened my laptop to do my part. Unfortunately, it took all the energy I had to get up, start a load of laundry, hit the gym and go grocery shopping. Spreadsheet was sent. Head hit the pillow.

My roommate was nice enough to bring me a burrito on her way home from work. We also watched the season finale of the Mayans, which she waited until I returned to watch it. I thought that we could watch it together via Hulu from three time zones away but I didn’t have the time.

The wind and rain picked up and as the tv went into sleep mode, we hung out on the couch, enjoying the sound of the rain and caught up a little. Periodically, we picked up our phones, looked at work email and immediately regretted it. I poured myself a dram of Jameson whiskey. It warmed me.

Scrolling thru Instagram, I watched a few fitness videos and got pumped about hitting the gym tomorrow morning after starting a load of laundry. I made more progress on my room as I had to get my environment organized and squared away to make progress in other parts of my life – like making money.

Making money has never been an issue for me. I will always be able to find a job. The lack of a high paying and stable job is what interferes with my goals. The decision to wait for the perfect situation, do what’s best for now or flee to the islands are all risky. What is stable is my home and being able to be around friends and family. I’m safe under my own roof but the path choices in front of me are uncertain and frankly, not exciting enough to choose one if I had to this very moment.

There is a lot to think about but I am definitely not going to solve my problem this very moment. While I wait for things to be put into motion, I will continue to enjoy the things I rarely have time to do like binge watching and reading. Tonight, I escaped reality and started season four of The Man in the High Castle and will read more of Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Ever felt lost at home? Tell me about it.

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