Black Friday 2019 in Napa – Stop 1

While folks are standing in line to shop for deals, my roommate and I had our second annual Black Friday out wine tasting. I am not one to buy gifts. I prefer to gift experiences. With my goal of visiting as many 4,000 California wineries to visit, I am always on a mission to visiting as many as I can. I am now at 83 wineries. See log HERE.

But first, brunch.

Solage, an Auberge Resort, has been a destination I have wanted to experience for myself for a long time. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thought I have not had a chance to stay at the resort, I made my OpenTable reservation at SolBar.

We were offered seating next to each other on a bench near the fireplace or at a table facing each other near the bar. On a brisk morning in wine country, I selected the fireplace. The room had high ceilings, big and tall rectangular windows and a long bar top stretching the entire width of the restaurant. The wooden orbs surrounding the lighting fixtures were large and hung like ornaments, given the season.

We were greeted by our tall server and given the beverage menu and brunch menu. Everything looked delicious. Plates that went by us looked fantastic. I wanted the Morning California with dungeness crab and avocado over an english muffin. I am also a fan of huevos rancheros and was interested in trying their version. I opted in to get the Liberty Farms Duck Confit “hash.” I ruined one of my Meatless Mondays and had a duck hash at Lucy at Bardessono. Kim ordered the gluten free lemon-ricotta pancakes. Maple sugar donut holes were also tempting but I didn’t press it with Kim. She would give in and I need to lose some weight.

Pancakes aren’t my thing. Kim’s stack of pancakes were high, moist, almost pudding like in the middle on top of blueberry sauce and pine nuts. They were tasty but I couldn’t eat an entire order. Kim did some damage on the plate.

My duck confit dish was fantastic. The piece of duck was whole with the skin on and on the bone. Some hashes have the meat shredded on the dish. The meat was flavorful throughout and the skin mostly crispy. I found every single shred of meat I could. The eggs came poached, I should have asked for them fried. The potatoes needed salt and were my least favorite part of the dish. The sauteed bell peppers had a lemon flavor that I loved. I found every strip before pushing the circular, shallow dish to the side.

Overall, the meal was well worth the drive and would like to experience its bar menu, lunch and inner options as well. Dessert would also be appreciated.

Let me help you plan your wine country trip or day trip. Napa is not too far from San Francisco and many tours are offered.

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