2020 Goals

They say if you’re not working on your goals for the following year, you’re already behind. I was definitely behind in achieving my 2019 goals and I am not even going to give any excuses or reasons to justify why I failed. I came up short, I have acknowledged my failures and will try again this coming year, starting now.

I added a couple of new goals.

Number 11 – Read more books. I am not one to carry a book with me but I was able to complete one book, “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” Obviously, I chose it because my name was in the title and it had travel to Antarctica in it. I absolutely hated it but I finished it. I am now on Michelle Obama’s Becoming and I am enjoying reading just before going to bed.

Number 12 – Get photos down to 8,000 on my iPhone. I currently have 13,647 photos on my phone. It has gotten out of hand. As of September 2018, I only had 5,000. I definitely have a lot of content available and need to blog more. Thank you for your continued support!

Fleet Week 2018 – view from the California Welcome Center at Pier 39 where I worked.

Number 13 – One way I was trying to get me to blog more and purge some photos on my phone was to do my OBB Weekly posts to cover Travel, Event Planning, Food and Motivation – all this One Busy Bee is all about. I have been quite busy traveling for my day job that I didn’t have a chance. I should continue to pick that up.

Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco with friends. – 2018

Here are my goals for 2020.

  1. Down to 18% body fat.
  2. Pay off credit card.
  3. Work on down payment for #Goalby40.
  4. Do at least three more weddings.
  5. Book at least four cruises for clients.
  6. Get media passes for two more events.
  7. Get at least 27,000 blog hits.
  8. Hit 1,000 followers on OBB twitter.
  9. Do at least three 10K races.
  10. Travel at least once a month.
  11. Read more books.
  12. Get photos down to under 8,000 on my iPhone.
  13. Pick up OBB Weekly posts.

And there they are. Wish me luck, thank you for your encouragement, viewership and more.

What are your goals for 2020?

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