Companies Sharing My Content – Dec. 2019

I am always thankful for the support I have been given. It takes little effort to like, reTweet or comment on a post and it helps small businesses like mine get some attention. On Instagram, I am getting noticed by some popular brands via my Instagram Stories. I am impressed by these companies paying attention to the users, customers and bloggers that share their product with their own following.


24 Hour Fitness
This has been my gym for many years now and I have 454 check-ins here on Yelp. Today, they re-share this. It’s a good thing to do. A new year is approaching and people need to select a gym to help them reach their new years’ resolution. I have already outlined my 2020 Goals.

Hoku Hawaii Tours
Reading a Hawai’i Magazine on a cardio machine at the gym, I came across an advertisement for Hoku Hawaii Tours. As a Travel Agent focusing on Hawai’i, I would need to be familiar with all the tour operators. I learned that ‘hoku’ means star. I hope to one day be able to personally speak on the quality of this company.

Starbread Bakery
With multiple locations in California, the additcting Seniorita Bread bakery re-shared the storefront photo I shared. I also sent it to my roommate via SnapChat (bappletree) who was in Houston for business asking her not to get jealous. She has brought me a box in the past. I have to thank my former Legal Assistant, Eileen, and now schoolteacher, for exposing me to this delicious treat.

Ledson Winery
Ledson is a winery I often send my clients and previous hotel guests to when they visit Sonoma County for wine tasting. My dear friend, Teresa, introduced me to Ledson during a fun wine tasting outing. As a gift, she brought me a tin of chocolate covered caramels. How thoughtful.

AAA Via Magazine
Reading another publication at the gym, this time it was a AAA Via Magazine and an article on Palm Springs, California. I love architecture and the article mentioned tours to some modern homes. One property has a natural rock divides a window of two rooms. How unique. Too bad I didn’t see the mention in time to see if they commented on my post.


Rock Wall Wine Company
Reporting from their Urban Paradise event recently, I got a fire reaction to my live video.

Cool Whip
Making a pie needs this easily ready topping. Thanks for the “100”


Argonaut Hotel
You have to love it when a company has some personality!

Betsey Johnson
This #BetseyBabe wore Betsey Johnson blue heels for her 2012 wedding and again for the last time at the recent holiday party in San Francisco. I also gifted my niece a puppy backpack and I got myself a matching wallet here on the Time Flies post. Thanks for the love!

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