Disposal Disposal

This year has been filled with home improvement tasks. Thankfully I have been home to fix them immediately. This One Busy Bee would rather be on a beach in Maui or enjoying a bottle of wine in Italy than getting really dirty. As a homeowner, you have to attempt to attempt to fix it yourself in order to save money. I have replaced pipes and fixed my washer. The garbage disposal has been giving me some issues. I was able to fix it with the hex key and cleared jams. This time, the same issue was happening but I nearly stripped the hex key.

I attempted to clean out the disposal as much as I could. I cleared the blades of debris and made sure they moved easily. I took a butter knife and cleaned ‘gunk’ out from the perimeter. It was definitely gross.

I eventually gave up. It was time to dispose of the the disposal. I headed off to Home Depot to purchase another disposal. A hundred dollars later and forty-five minutes of install, clean-up and disposal, we were back in business.

SnapChat – Bappletree

I hope I don’t have to do another home improvement project anytime soon. But I did it!

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