Fitness Fun

This One Busy Bee being in between full-time jobs leaves some time to focus on some fitness goals. I am usually at my local 24 Hour Fitness with my headphones on and perhaps a magazine for some Me time. It is a lot more fun with someone this past weekend.

My roommate does not have a gym membership. On the rare weekend days that we are home at the same time, I am able to convince her to join me at the small gym space we have in the condo complex. She has the greatest gym face. It is part pleading “no more,” part a reluctant OK. I wasn’t able to capture her ‘gym face’ this time around but the fact that she and I are both sore, we definitely did some work.

Music is playing from my “Kick 13.1 Miles’ Ass” playlist I used for my first half marathon or the Jennifer Lopez station on Amazon Music. When Kim would sing along, that would tell me she could add more weight. She stopped singing. She’s a good sport.

She would stay for an hour and I would stay in the gym for a bit longer. Today’s Sunday weigh-in was fine. Some progress was made but I have a lot to go to reach my 2020 goal in terms of body fat.

When the land is dry and hiking trails are not so muddy, I am hoping to get back to exploring on foot. Stay tuned for more posts on hikes.

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