First Night in Paris Ends in Crepes

From CDG airport to Hotel Gabriel in Paris to walking to the Notre Dame to a boat ride on the Sienne and a long walk back to our hotel on Day 1. We were ready for crepes. We were about to gain all the calories we just burned. I was OK with that.

Creperies are aplenty in Paris and this was the treat we needed to end our evening. Step up and order the blue canopy after reviewing their long list of options on their menu board. I had the nutella and banana crepe and asked for whipped cream. Don’t mind too much that they frown upon the whipped cream. They do offer it so, order it if you like. I did and it made the crepe so much better. I just wish they had strawberries or ice cream.

Chez Georges
11 Place de la Republique
75003 Paris

I found the above review I wrote on Yelp and wondered why I didn’t post it on my blog. It’s where it belongs after all! More to come because…

What is your must have thing to eat in Paris on Day 1?

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