New Year, More Wine

Happy 2020!!! It is already one week into the new year and I have already made progress and had a setback on 2020 goals. Ay me. But there’s still time to pick it up! And I picked up a glass of wine or two to kick off the new year. Cheers!

Crossing off this month’s travel goal was to spontaneously head to Paso Robles, California for New Year’s Eve. New Years Day was filled with wine tasting and dinner before heading back up to the Bay Area. Though I have been to one of the two wineries we went to, I am now up to logging 85 California wineries. Progress is slow but hey, it’s still progress.

Our first stop was Tooth & Nail Winery. Not many places were open on New Years Day. Normally I would prefer to go to a winery that I haven’t been to yet but I didn’t want to spend too much time looking and being picky. It was a new year and it will be a new experience with new wine.

As we approached the winery, I recalled a birthday outing to Paso a couple of years back. My sweet friend and fellow Event Planner, Tori, helped plan the day, even with my dog, Bevo! What a well-traveled dog. We enjoyed being outdoors and a band playing. It was a great day.

January first brought a chill and the ‘moat’ around the castle-like building was bright ice blue. The large Christmas tree still stood in the entrance in front of the twisted staircase. To the left was event space and to the right was the tasting room with art, a long bar, multiple long communal high tables, couches we had at my old restaurant and a fireplace.

Troy greeted us and he was full of energy and very pleasant and knowledgeable. I asked for a pen to take notes on the wines and he obliged. More notes to come on the wines themselves.

They were also offering 50-cent chicken wings. So much for starting off the year with healthy food. I got six, Kim got six. And plenty of wine.

Asian Seasame

One of the cool things about a few of their wine labels was that they were not only very artistic but interactive. When the camera is used on an app and aimed at the artwork on the bottle. It came to life. Having been to Pompei, Italy, the animation was really cool. See it on my Instagram.

What images do you see in this label?

Before heading off to Hunt Cellars, a yoga pose.

If Niner Wine Estates was open, this 49er Faithful would make this my first stop!

Hunt Cellars was literally down the street and closer to the busier main road than Tooth and Nail. The parking lot was smaller and the grounds were much greener with a gazebo. Up a few steps, onto the porch and thru the single door, you enter a smaller tasting room with a piano, Christmas tree, bar top and two 4-top circular tables. We were welcomed by Stan and he gave me the tasting menu to write my notes on.

Taking my time with the wines I enjoyed, we spent quite a bit of time here. I even played with some shots of my Stella & Dot jewelry. We chatted with a gentleman that owns his own winery in the Central Valley. And I met ‘the Mayor,’ half of a couple from Southern California but moved up to Sonoma and left because they preferred new world wine.

Another great day out wine tasting. I’ll find my tasting notes and update this post when I have a moment but thanks for reading. There is wine being grown all over the world. Just because you are in or visiting California, you can try other regions outside of Napa and Sonoma, especially if you’re able to return to our state. Let me help you plan your trip to the Golden State.

Leaving my mark #onebusybee

Have you been to Paso Robles before?
What did you think?

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