Sparkling and Wine

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Thanks to my roommate and model, Kim, for letting me post her pics and being my new box opening partner in my videos on the page. She had THE BEST facial expressions and reactions! You have to visit my page to see the video. The last one was posted just before heading off to Napa on Black Friday. And yes, for more wine tasting.

At Delectus Winery – Napa, California

When you get a delivery and mystery box at home, you may know what you’re getting. But if you buy products online you’re not really sure how they look and feel in person. That is, of course, unless a personal experience encouraged you to buy one for yourself! When a Stella & Dot box arrived, I love recording Kim opening the box and opening each individually gift ready boxes to unveil the sparkle inside. I am then explaining a bit more about the pieces and about Stella & Dot. It’s fun! Enjoy and make an order today!

Looking for other ladies to get styled, share their love for fashion and jewelry and earn free product credits or commission on everything you sell! My favorite is getting a sale notification from across the country by someone I never met! If that’s you, please do say hello!

More wine but at Menlo Tavern in Menlo Park, California
My sample for this versatile piece is for sale!

Happy shopping! Shop

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