Let’s Hike – Alamere Falls

Do you chase waterfalls? Literally? Alamere Falls outside Bolinas, California is a great option. Prepare yourself for beautiful views of Point Reyes, the Farallon Islands, boats passing by in the distance, Bass Lake and the sound of the wind in the trees.

You could see the Sutro Tower in the distance.
Point Reyes at the far left.

Past the gravel road, park in the free, limited lot if you arrive early and start your trek. The 8-mile hike consists of mostly shady and easy trails. A few are moderately steep but nothing unbearable if you have some back issues. I would recommend a light Camelbak to stay hydrated and to carry snacks and personal items. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes and a long-sleeve top to keep yourself covered from the poison ivy leading to the falls. Dressing in layers is always recommended in the Bay Area. Also pack toilet paper. The restrooms are not stocked.

Go early and it won’t be so crowded. We started at 9 AM and started to head back at 10:45 AM or so and there were small and large groups that we had to share the paths with. If you’re a greeter like me, that is a lot of people to say hello to. Save yourself the breath for the hike and less people in your photos at the waterfall by going early.

At the waterfall, prepare yourself for a treacherous way down to the base of the waterfall. Be sure to keep your hands free to help climb yourself down. The shale wall to climb down is dangerous and unstable. Please take your time going down.

This particular visit, the high tide did not allow us to get a great photo in front of the falls or be able to have lunch on the beach. Two ladies and a child that attempted to go down to the falls told us that the tide was coming up to the wall and we should turn around. My group continued on anyways. We scaled the wall. Dropped down and ran across the dark, rounded rocks and jumped back onto the wall as the waves approached to avoid getting wet. It was a little crazy and it could have been bad should the power of the ocean swept us away from the wall. I went as far as I would allow myself. I raced back to safe ground. In rushing, I slipped and fell on my bum on the rocks and bruised my left hand. Again, please be careful and do not do what I just did. On a nice day and where the tides didn’t take over the beach, the hike is well worth it.

For fun, try some yoga poses with friends.

I really need to learn new poses.

Friends in beautiful places make them gorgeous. So grateful.

Do you like to hike?
How do you pick your hikes?

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