OBB’s List – Seattle – May 2019

The Market Theater Gum Wall

Two friends and I went to Seattle for Cinco de Mayo weekend last year, thanks to an Alaska Airlines sale. While on a 2020 United flight back to the San Francisco Bay Area from Louisville, Kentucky, I found this list recapping our mini vacation. Did your favorite spots in Seattle make our list?

Fave Meal
Rocket Taco

Fave Cocktail
⁃ Ruby Red Margarita at Anejo Restaurant & Tequila Bar – Nikki
⁃ Barrel Aged cocktail at The Smith Tower – Me

Fave Beer
⁃ Dry Apple Cider – Nikki
Pike XXXXX, an Extra Stout – Kim
⁃ 9.9% barrel aged barley wine – Me

Best Hotel Max Feature
⁃ Free beer – Kim
⁃ Morning coffee & beer – Nikki
⁃ Location – Me

Best Part of the Underground Tour
⁃ Tour guide – Nikki
⁃ Comparison pictures/location reference – Kim
⁃ Skylights – Me

Street level

Most Memorable Seattle ppl
⁃ Adam – He called cocktail napkins ‘drink pillows’ at The Smith Tower bar – Kim
⁃ Sergio – Nikki
⁃ David at Pike Brewing Co – Me

Best Coffee
Anchorhead – Kim & I
⁃ Hotel – Nikki

Memorable Moment
⁃ fish over our head (See videos – Day 1, Day 2)

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