Good! Stay Home.

Safeway – Hayward, California

My father is pleased that his very social daughter has been ordered to stay home. Secondly, he is pleased that I do not have any symptoms. I have been traveling for four weeks straight before arriving home almost 10 days ago. He was concerned that I was in New York City and that I tend to go to bars and what not. Yes, Father, I do enjoy a bar or two. I am happy to stay home. So is he.

Gramercy Tavern – New York City

The Bay Area is on Day 3 of its lock down to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. From photos, the streets of San Francisco are bare except for an occasional runner, which is fine to do. The highways leave long, tempting strips to go see what my 2019 Honda Civic Si can do. Be careful, the CHP (California Highway Patrol) is out and about. So are the meter maids in Palo Alto. Not everyone is locked up at home.

Work continues. Conference calls, video calls, emails, orders, inquiries and Slack messages continue to come in. A request to let the team know the status or availability via Slack was made. I had a little fun with it. You have to and I welcome the humor.

Besides the many blog posts of what you can do with yourself during this three-week lock down, there are posts on how to network and be social too! I love the “Show Your Pantry” post my cousin did on Facebook. It is now up to 33 comments in two hours.

I don’t have a pantry in my condo so I am not a good candidate to raid should your supplies run low. Thanks for playing tho.

Japan is also having virtual happy hours. Just waiting for my invite.

Post FitOn workouts. No gym needed!

In the mean time, I am looking to grow my social media numbers and #KeepingBusinessMoving. Thanks to Duckhorn Vineyards for the social media love!

Sending you a shaka from the Bay Area!

In all seriousness, I hope you are taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy and those you interact with healthy. You may not show symptoms now, but you may later. It is best to keep your distance to prevent spreading the virus. We will get thru this, together. Just not right now.

How are you still being social during this time of social distancing?

Please support my local, small business with Likes, Comments, ReTweets, etc. I appreciate it.

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