OBB’s List – Louisville – Mar 2020

As much as I like whiskey, Louisville, Kentucky was never on my list of places to go to. My trip to Lousiville was supposed to be a 2-day trip, turned to 10 days to 28 days. I had a lot of time in the Midwest.

On my way home from Louisville via a United Airlines flight, I came across a list from a girls’ trip to Seattle last year. It made me think I should do similar lists for everywhere I travel. People love lists! Comment if your favorite spot make the list?

Fave Louisville Restaurant Week Meal
Neighborhood Services at the Omni Hotel – I almost never order the chicken. It is the simpliest meat to cook at home so I usually want something else to eat when I dine out. The chicken was on their special menu with no other choice for an entree. It was surprisingly good and moist. The combo of a big salad, chicken and ‘mini’ baked Alaska was delicious and quite the deal! Plus, it was walking distance from my hotel during the winter.

Fave Meatless Monday Meal
The Chopped Salad and Mac & Cheese Bites from Great Flood Brewing Company was one my favorite meals during my stay. I had it once a week and it had to be my last meal in Louisville. I had to tell the bartender how much I enjoyed it. For once, I went to a brewery for the food, not the beer.

Most Memorable Restaurant
Le Moo steakhouse was advertised at the Louisville airport. It’s a funny name and has an interesting decor. I had a cocktail and the Steak Diane with delicious mashed potatoes. What made it really great was the friendly customer service. It has been slow and the bartender and bar back were open to chatting with me.

Fave Cocktail
At the end of the tour at Michter’s, they took us up to the third floor at the bar. Our little group had a reserved area and we were instructed on how to make a cocktail. As a Bartender, a cocktail with only two ingredients is easy as pie. It was nice and refreshing.

Fave Whiskey Tour
Old Forester was just two blocks from my hotel and it was quite informative. With having gone to a handful of distilleries, what set made OlFo’ stand apart from the other distilleries was the size of the facility, the modern space, the advertising on the wall, how stacks of barrels were in the middle of downtown and the very tall still.

Fave Beer
According to my UnTappd profile and log, I really liked porters in Louisville. The bartender at Great Flood Brewing Company gave me a taste of the Maple ’37 Porter at 6.4% ABV. I also liked the Dark Star Porter from Bluegrass Brewing Company downtown. At 5.6% ABV, it was a tasty companion to the fish tacos. Cheers!

Best Hotel Feature
For two weeks, I was given a nice corner suite at the SpringHill Inn & Suites downtown. My room had a view of downtown but the space was nice. I was to do yoga in a living room and the room had a large television. I angled the TV from the desk where I worked to the bed where I watched Billions thanks to the free Showtime on demand they had.

Best Part of the Louisville Slugger Museum
With the museum, batting cages, an opportunity to hold bats profession baseball players used during games and the gift shop, I enjoyed the factory the best. Your group could be large so listen in. In some spots of the tour, it could be rather noisy. You will see how the bats are carved and take in the smell of fresh wood. See my full blog post HERE.

Best Part of the Muhammad Ali Center
If you’re a boxing fan, stopping at the Muhammed Ali Center would be great for you. As a bonus, if you’re a AAA member, you get a discount. That wasn’t my favorite part. As an Elvis Presley fan, I really liked seeing the robe he gifted the boxer in traditional Elvis showmanship. A lot of history and interactive exhibits. I just thought it was a little busy in terms of placement, not in attendance.

Most Memorable People
My main reason for going to Louisville was to attend a wine event and network with a local company we hope to work closely with. It was so much fun and I may be one of the youngest people there. Nonetheless, we had many laughs, toasted many delicious Italian wines and I met a lot of wonderful, friendly and welcoming women. It made me miss my Women Wednesday events. I hope to one day be able to do those again.

Memorable Moment
During my first full week of being out in the Midwest, my dear friend, Dr. C. Zapata challenged me to participate in the #DoneIsPerfectChallenge. It was a challenge to stop waiting for the best lighting, when you feel you look the best or for the perfect environment to get something done. What often happens is that it doesn’t get done at all. I did the challenge and majority of my videos were of myself during my travels to talk about anything I want. I was often in my hotel room but sometimes I would be at distilleries, near the river or even at two places mentioned above. It was fun to do and I haven’t done videos often before. Now that it’s done, I wouldn’t say I increased my videos but I did get something new done. See the videos via my Facebook page.

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What other categories would be of some interest to you?

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